7 Main Benefits of Becoming a Blockchain Developer


The blockchain industry is growing every day but there are still more opportunities for developers and other experts because there is a great demand for them at this time. Even now, blockchain technology is still in the infancy stage which makes it possible for many people to benefit. However, the earlier they get in, the better. In this article, you will learn more about what it takes to be a blockchain developer.

Understanding Blockchain Technology

Some people think of blockchain as virtual currencies. They think it means Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the rest of the cryptocurrencies. But it goes beyond virtual money. It is a system of storing up data in such a way that it is impossible for someone else, or a group of criminals to hack into it, change data, or even cheat the system.


Simply put, blockchain has to do top-notch security, especially important during transaction processes. It makes use of digital ledgers of transactions that are duplicated and distributed on entire computer networks. It is built to recognize transactions and signatures that are easily recognizable by the system secured with an unchangeable cryptographic signature referred to as hash.

Who Is A Blockchain Developer?

Surely, a blockchain developer is not a web developer. Between the two, the former is more complex than the latter. Industrial transformation is making the role of blockchain indispensable these days. Accordingly, the developer is most crucial when it comes to building blocks of security and offering more efficient and transparent systems in all sectors of the economy.

In essence, a blockchain developer is responsible for developing and optimizing blockchain-related dApps, smart contracts, protocols, and architecture. He pays attention to detail and grows his knowledge and ability to overcome challenges.

There are basically two types of developers: the core blockchain developer, and the blockchain software developer.

Blockchain Developer 1
Blockchain Developer

This developer thrives in the internet age, as there are always new discoveries made every day. The blockchain expert has more opportunities to grow because technology is growing daily. Blockchain technology started to get an increased demand when Bitcoin arrived but now, the technology is thought to have been spread to all other sectors so as to secure them.

This means that as a blockchain developer, your expertise will be needed in banks, oil companies, real estate industries, the manufacturing industry, and other sectors. The primary job of a blockchain developer is to offer the correct technology to help these sectors grow while keeping the bad guys out, so to speak. This means more job opportunities, as the developer has an earnest desire to learn new things and grow.

This is the main reason these developers are in high demand. At this time, there are not enough experts to go around in this field. That means plenty of opportunities for the new entrant, looking to take this technology one step forward.


However, why should anyone want to work in this field at this time? Is it worth it to abandon other projects and pursue a career as Blockchain Developer? Consider these benefits listed below.

1. Premium Salaries

Trusted sources reveal that developers in the industry are getting paid handsomely. For example, Blockgeeks revealed that they cash in more than $120, 000 per year.  Stronger knowledge of blockchain means more than $200, 000 per year. It means that other developers are not enjoying as much pay as the blockchain developers do. In fact, Blockgeeks said they earn about 20 percent more than other developers.

2. Be Ahead

Yes, you can be ahead as you create new projects and deliver them to organizations that can’t do without your assistance. Once your blockchain ideas are ripe, learners can be under you. Earn more as you develop new experts. Just go ahead and create your very first blockchain project, and you’re an instant master.

3. Cutting-Edge Technology

Can you imagine that less than one percent of people in the world are using blockchain even though it is so useful? Many people don’t even know it exists. It is in high demand and it is also a high-speed technology. The opportunities are abundant now but they will even be more abundant in the future of technology.


4. Get Associated With ICO and Cryptos

ICOs are known as Initial Coin Offerings. As blockchain developer, companies need your help to create and sell new digital currencies. The companies may need to fund new ventures. As a developer, your expertise will be needed in the most crucial areas of business practices of these companies because you understand the technical aspects of cryptocurrencies, which also make you a better investor or trader.


5. Improved Reliance on Blockchain Security

Your clients will see you as the individual who can guide them when it comes to creating a 100 percent trustable network. Remember that with the growth of bitcoin, security gaps in online transactions have widened. You are at the forefront of closing that gap, and your clients will reward you highly for wanting to do so.

6. Data Security & Digital Identity

In all countries of the world, there is a growing need to combat identity theft and data maneuvers. Blockchain offers the best when it comes to trusted networks. As a developer, your role is to build better security and also improve identity protection. It goes beyond applying these to cryptocurrencies.

7. Get Involved in Neo Techs

As blockchain is new, the Internet of Things (IoT) is new too. These two as well as others play a key role in the transformation of modern economies. Being a blockchain developer gives you the opportunity to work on other up-and-coming technologies. Together with your blockchain knowledge, you build safer networks for now and in the future.

In a nutshell, a blockchain developer is responsible for the following:

  1. Creating and understanding cryptocurrencies
  2. Building a better security and identity protection
  3. Improve transparency in all kinds of digital transactions
  4. Contribute to new-age technologies

Start Now

Now you know the benefits of being a blockchain developer. As soon as possible, start working on projects. Look online for ways in which you can grow your knowledge in the industry. Join online communities where blockchain developers gather to increase their knowledge and interactions, such as Reddit, GitHub, and StackExchange. Truly, the internet offers a lot of opportunities to the learning developer for quick growth.