6 Easy Steps on How to Become a Blockchain Developer


The blockchain developer is becoming very popular today as almost every sector is tapping into the technology it offers. In case you want to know some of the benefits that blockchain developers enjoy, we have listed them in a previous article. Click here to read it. In this article, you will learn how to become a seasoned blockchain developer.

Why Are Blockchain Developers In High Demand?

Developers in the blockchain terrain are involved in revolutionizing what happens in the digital realm right now. It was discovered that the technology brought on by bitcoin to secure that virtual coin is needed in almost all other areas of business. Without any doubt, if you want to go into a career that gives you a lot of potential for growth, giving you a wide sense of satisfaction as you acquire new skills, this is it. This technology is in the baby stages and you can learn and grow with the immense potential that it overs for blockchain developers.

If the developers succeeded in protecting bitcoin, they can as well protect other financial aspects, hence the hype around blockchain technology. For look, bitcoin can’t be faked, it can’t be hacked, and most of the issues with most countries’ currencies have no place with bitcoin.


As Blockchain Developer What Will You Do?

You will develop blockchains. These are the technologies that are used to secure data and transactions, making it impossible for an individual or a group of people to hack or change information stored therein. For instance, a set of computers can hold data that will be secured across an entire network of computers scattered in various places around the globe. These computers hold crucial information that is duplicated and distributed among the computers. The system of holding these data, which may include online transactions is known as the blockchain.

Your job as a developer is to create these technologies for companies, government institutions, and other organizations that need to secure data in a manner that no hacker, no malware is able to penetrate. In other words, the developer makes it harder for hackers to succeed in their endeavor to penetrate a stronghold.

If for example, you’re helping a company come up with virtual money, you will be responsible for making that virtual currency one that can be trusted by and you have to devise a technology that makes both the creators and the holders believe that it has some value.

Now, let’s examine six main steps to take if you want to become a blockchain developer.

Blockchain Concepts
Blockchain Concepts

1. Start from the Rudimentary Stage

The three stepping stones to understanding the blockchain environment are to start by exploring the basic concepts, ideas, and architecture. That includes learning about the public and private approaches to decentralization. Apart from that, you will explore the use of consensus in achieving decision-making.

Another step in the rudimentary stage is the learning of the blockchain glossary. That in itself is the starting point of understanding indispensable concepts.

Next, move on to learning about the tools in blockchain development. These tools will help you to succeed in the market.

Go deeper into learning about the makeup of all cryptocurrencies. Make sure you understand their algorithms and how they apply to blockchain solutions. Realize that the blockchain terrain is growing, and there are improvements made every year. Get familiar with such things as dApps, different blockchain platforms, blockchain as a service: These come in form of Hyperledger, Quorum, Corda, and Ethereum Enterprise.

2. Learn How Blockchain Process Works in Real World

This step affords you the opportunity to grow, as you must have understood the basic principle of blockchain. You may know of developers who haven’t really developed any blockchain yet.


Learning the real-world implementation will help you with what blockchain has to offer, and you’re free to start with one of the more popular cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, or Cardano.

It is necessary for you to start like this because cryptocurrency is the reason blockchain became popular. Once you know the terrain well enough, you can apply that knowledge to other areas where blockchain can be of help.

Stage two affords you the opportunity of learning more about wallets. These are digital but once you know them well, they are easy to create. Learn how to secure them with private keys and also be aware of other essential steps in securing wallets.

Blockchain Enterprise
Blockchain Enterprise

3. Get Familiar with Coding

That means you should start learning about blockchain tutorials. The tutorials will help you to create and develop dApps and smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. The codes are available as most of the platforms or solutions are open-source, making the code available to anyone for analysis.

Better still, you can avail yourself of the free course that Harvard University offers. Click here to take a look.

Make sure that you are able to create a blockchain out of a simple block, you know how to implement the genesis block and can add to it, and you also need to do successful test runs. Once you are able to do these, you are a developer in the basic working stage.

4. Get a Better Understanding of Smart Contracts

Of course, you know the significance of legal contracts in life. Delving into smart contracts means you’re setting yourself up to understand legal contracts in a blockchain environment. However, for this purpose, you will make use of computer protocol to achieve your aim.


Once you understand smart contracts, you will make use of them to automate or add functionality to dApps. At this stage, you need to pay attention to three main aspects:

  • Deterministic
  • Terminable
  • Isolation

5. Read All You Can About Blockchain

The more you read blockchain-related content, the more you familiarize yourself with the technology. You have many free online sources on the internet to begin your reading.  Check out BlockGeeks and Google search others at your convenience.

6. Keep Learning

In the blockchain enterprise, you will not need to stop learning. New information comes out every day. Learn the latest news on blockchain, get experts’ perspectives, sharpen your knowledge, and everything will be fine. Once you’re able to apply your blockchain knowledge to cryptocurrencies, branch out in making use of that knowledge for other endeavors.