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WAPLOADED bbnaija   my step mum wasn t my
WAPLOADED bbnaija my step mum wasn t my

We had earlier posted a news about an Instagram user simply identified as @Kingadenike who took to the platform to reel out a ‘dirty secret’ about Cee-C’s family.

The Instagram user claimed that Cee-c’s father abandoned her mother when she was very sick, and instead went ahead to marry his secretary.

She wrote;

Guys, CeeC’s dad left her sick mum to marry his secretary, only for the woman to die and she married a second, and only for the family to discover the secretary already had two kids for him while their mum was alive. CeeC them are from Ozubulu in Anambra state and her father lives in New Haven in Enugu. Most of these happenings in their family made them angry and bitter. Please do not blame her too much.

However reacting to the above claims, Cee-C’s sister, Bella, stated that their father never abandoned their mother and their step-mother is not their Dad’s secretary. She, however, pointed out that the Instagram user only wanted to trend.

Bella further disclosed that her husband even made their dad his mentor, on how to be a great dad and father.

Here’s what she wrote;

Just when you think folks will take a chill pill on the RUMORS, HEARSAY, AND LIES… But no someone wants to get popular…

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Please o, for the records my Dad never left my mum, not in sickness. In fact, my dad is the most caring man I know, no jokes! Even my husband made him his mentor on how to be a great husband and father…

He was with my mum all through the sickness, even left his businesses to travel to India with her, where she later couldn’t fight anymore…

And my step-mom wasn’t my Dad’s secretary…

So @kingadenike, next time you want to trend, the trend with the truth, if that’s so difficult, trend with facts.

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