As LG Bows Out, Chinese Smartphones May Take Greater Share of U.S Market


LG may not have been a pioneer but it was once the third-largest smartphone maker in the world. With its exit from the smartphone market, it may be providing ample opportunity for cheaper Chinese brands to make inroads into the American markets.

Perhaps, one of the things that killed the LG smartphone brand is the top-notch expensive phones it made. Maybe the cheaper Chinese smartphone companies can now provide what LG could not give to the people in the USA.

True, there could be some hindrances, seeing that the two nations have seen trade wars in recent years. However, that will not totally hold back more smartphones from China, entering the United States of America from now on.

LG brought to the world ultrawide lenses and curved screens but its decline was inevitable. By the end of 2020, LG’s global share fell so low that it was no longer categorized among well-known smartphone companies.

chinese smartphones 2
Chinese smartphones 2

In the U.S and elsewhere, it still retained the third position. In the United States, iPhones are still in the top position, while Samsung holds the second position. In Brazil, Samsung leads, while Lenovo takes second place. Apple watches from the distance in that country. But that tells us why LG is on its way out, and who may benefit when it is gone.

A smartphone expert said that the substantial price difference between Apple, Samsung, and LG smartphones is likely to prevent much of LG’s abandoned market share from moving to Apple, as Apple may be pretty too expensive for them. They may have to look to China for cheaper phones.

LG sells handsets at prices around 26 percent to that of iPhone and 67 percent to that of Samsung. Although the devices are not equivalent to what Apple and Samsung offer, there is a market among budget-sensitive consumers. LG satisfied that segment.

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