Apps to put your face in movies using deepfake

In the last year, a series of applications have come to light, which have gone viral, which allow you to insert a photograph of the face in scenes from films, television programs, and TV series, the so-called deepfakes.

Video manipulation using deepfake technology allows for surprisingly realistic results by inserting faces into videos. This technology was previously within reach of very few, but now almost everyone can do it with their smartphone.

The goal of Android and iOS applications that create deepfake is none other than to allow users to be the real stars of their favorite movies and series, and in many cases, use them to deceive others.

To do this, you just have to take a selfie, choose the scene from the movie and TV series and let the application do its magic.

Currently, some apps facilitate this process for any user, with remarkable results. Above all, it is very easy to make these videos to surprise family and friends.

The best apps to replace your face in movies and create easy deepfakes

Every year new applications come in to create deepfakes, which went viral within days. Below are described applications with which you can put your face in movies instead of famous actors in a few seconds with Android and iphone.

Jiggy– In addition to animated GIFs, it also generates deepfake videos, making the user the star of their favorite music videos. For this, it uses CGI technology. It is available for free for iOS and Android but offers in-app purchases.

Morphin: In this case, the technology used is different from the others, because rather than adapting the face in the original video to the user’s gestures, it merely replaces the original face with that of the user with a simpler image overlay technology, although yes, the result is more than acceptable. It is available for Android.

Reface- It was originally presented under the name Doublicat, and this time the deepfake doesn’t end up being videos but animated GIFs, replacing the user’s face with that of the main character in just five seconds after taking a selfie. Every day a catalog of new GIFs is displayed in the app for you to make fun montages. Available for free in the iOS and Android app stores, it offers in-app purchases.

Reflect- This app is from the same creators as Reface, but instead of a video or GIF, the user’s face is embedded in a photograph in which another person appears. It is available for iOS.

Family: based on Giphy’s GIFs, which can be selected from the integrated search engine. You have to select one, and after taking a selfie, the app inserts the user’s face into the chosen fragment in just one minute. Available for free for iOS and Android, you can remove the watermark embedded in the result or generate multiple GIFs simultaneously via in-app purchases.

Avatarify: is committed to generating deepfake on the phone itself instead of resorting to the Cloud (which usually is the usual procedure in this app) so as to allow the user greater privacy in content and greater safety against the possible hack. It also proposes to include a watermark on the resulting videos to prevent the videos from being used to impersonate other people. It works via a weekly ($ 2.49) or annual ($ 34.99) subscription model, allowing for a seven-day trial period. It is only available for iOS.

Zao:  It was one of the first to become popular, and its biggest complication is that it’s only in Chinese at the moment. Despite that, it is quite intuitive and already has some prepared videos that make the task easier. The resulting videos are of high quality. It is only available on Android.

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