How To Apply For Change Of State/Local Government On Jamb Portal (2019)


Virtually every year, especially after the registration of Jamb, there are always series of mistakes on the profile of about 60% of Jamb candidates, if not on the course or institution, it will be on the “Name”, “Gender” and most especially “State and Local Government”. Who is to blame? Many candidates complain deeply that the mistake was from the Cafe that did the registration for them; they complain that the person assigned another State and Local Government to them during the registration and due to their nonchalant attitude, they weren’t able to discover the mistake early, they realized the mistake after the print out was issued to them.

On the other hands, other Jamb candidates clearly put a State or Local Government which is not theirs. To them, they think that by doing so they can be able to get admission in their dream school as fast as possible because they have this belief that many Nigerian institutions accept their indigenes more than any other persons from a different state. But after everything, we also find out that these two sets of people; both the ones that did “unknowingly” and ones that did “knowingly” will later apply for a change of State and Local Government. Are you desperately in need to change your state and local government you put during the registration? Below are the steps you have to undergo for it to be successful.


Steps On How To Apply For 2019 Change Of Course And Institution

Step 1: Log in to your jamb e-facility account using your jamb email address and password.

Step 2: Once you are logged in, click on “Registration (2019 only)” at the left-hand side of the menu bar.

Step 3: Once that is done, click on UTME data correction.

Step 4: At this point, you will be taken to a Remita page were you have to make payment of 2500 Naira. Note: before you make the payment make sure the RRR number appears. Without it, the payment will be invalid.

Step5: Once the payment is made. Click on “My Payment” which you will see at the menu bar, confirm the payment by clicking on ” Get Status” after that click continue.

Step 6: Immediately the payment is confirmed you will see like four options of UTME data correction, options like Name, change of course and institution. Gender, State/LGA. Click on the State/ LGA correction.


Step 7: once you clicked on it, all the States and Local Government I’ll appear, kindly select your preferred local government, please be careful because this can only be done once. So if you should make a mistake in this one, you can not change it again.

Step 8: select “Save Changes” if you have carefully selected your State and Local Government.

Note: immediately the payment is made Jamb will forward the Remita down to your mailbox as an approval that the payment was successful. So you can check your inbox to see the Remita used for the payment.

Without wasting time you have successfully changed your state and local government.


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