Apple, Xiaomi, Samsung – Best Dual Camera Phones You Can Purchase

For people to buy smartphones, something must motivate them. For phone users worldwide, photography is a top allure. People want to become their own photographer. In this case, the craze for the perfect photo drives people to look for the smartphone that is able to snap the best picture with their phone camera.

The trend will continue in 2023. People love taking pictures with their phones. Today, it is seen as the best way to capture great moments. In view of this, the demand for an unparalleled camera phone has exponentially increased. Realizing it, smartphone makers have started to focus on camera quality for better pictures.

In this article, we will focus on the best dual camera phones that are able to offer users exactly what they want. They are finding that by engaging some new software tricks, they are able to snap great pictures at every press of the button. Let us look at few of these phones below.

Apple iPhone XS

Apple iPhone XS dual camera setup comes with 12 MP wide angle and telephoto cameras. What makes it tick? It is confirmed that iPhone technology integrates the ISP, the Neural Engine and advanced algorithms to unlock new creative possibilities and help capture incredible photos. Think about its faster sensors, enhanced ISP and advanced algorithms. In addition to that, iPhone XS comes with a very good bokeh effect to make backgrounds look great all the time.

Samsung Galaxy S9+

I don’t know which to place above another, but this dual camera phone can easily be grafted into the number one spot come anytime any day. The Galaxy S9+ also has its own unique selling point. For example, the camera works very nicely in low-light conditions. Just like the iPhone mentioned above, this smartphone comes with 12 MP and that is supported by dual pixel PDAF, OIS and 2x optical zoom. Are you really looking for a very nice dual camera device? Think about this Samsung product.

Xiaomi Mi A2

The Xiaomi Mi A2 which was released also in 2023 had 16 MP and 20 MP for the primary camera. It was ace phone last year, together with the one that came before it. Fans were elated with their performance. Furthermore, some of the things that made phone tick were the phase detection, auto focus, and dual LED power.  There is also the Sony light sensors combined to make performance even smarter. Users say that they enjoy taking low-light photo with the primary camera, the 20 MP lens. For it, there is the 4-in-1 Super Pixel technology.

OnePlus 6

The unique selling point of OnePlus 6 is its depth sensor. In the camera features of this phone you have the portrait mode key features, the bokeh effect which helps to enhance the shutterbug skills. Additionally, the large display screen just makes everything else superb! Get the settings right, and you will see that every picture you snap has that elaborate feel to it.


These are the best dual camera phones you can start a new year (2019) with. They may be a little pricey but that’s how it is for good quality phones. Have you made use of any of the phones listed above? If so, let us know how you feel.

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