Apple vs Facebook Privacy War: Instagram Called “Most Invasive App”


Apple’s nutrition labels have labeled Instagram as the worst invasive app when it comes to user privacy. Apple said that Instagram is the worst app when it comes to your personal data. Apple revealed the information in its new iOS 14 privacy nutrition labels.

Also, a report compiled by cloud storage company pCloud claims that Instagram shares 79 percent of personal data, and that includes search history, location, contact, and financial information. These are kinds of stuff collected in the app with third parties.

In the same vein, Facebook is listed in the second position next to Instagram. 57 percent of personal data collected was shared with outsiders, while LinkedIn and Uber Eats both took 50 percent of the share.

Facebook ResearchAppreal
Facebook ResearchAppreal

Apple claimed it has been able to uncover this information through the use of the company’s new privacy labels found in the App Store. The company said that it was able to identify which apps share most of the users’ private data with third parties, and which apps gather the most for their own benefits. This helped in revealing the most invasive overall.

For the case of Instagram, it is very serious, as the app shares everything from purchasing information, personal data, and browsing history. Apple said it results in so much promoted content in users’ feeds. However, the report from pCloud said that 80 percent of apps make use of personal data to sell their own products in-app and out.

In these cases, Facebook and Instagram are the worst offenders in making use of personal data collected to promote an app’s own products. Also, the two apps top the list for overall data tracking on users; Facebook at 55 percent, and Instagram at 62 percent.

Other safe apps were mentioned, and among them, Zoom, Skype, and Telegram reside. Others that were non-security-focused, such as Just Eat, Grubhub, and My McDonald, were seen as not giving out user data at all.


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