Apple Rolls Out New Mac Computers Operating Like iPhones

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Early next year, Apple lovers will welcome new Mac computers that are powered by the same type of chip, which runs in iPhones and iPads, the company has said recently. This move is necessary as it looks to consolidate more of its well-known products so they can work in unison.

It is expected that the new computers will be able to run the same apps found on iPhones. To what extent this would be ideal is unknown now, but some developers balk at providing apps that work with Mac computers. Experts say that there will be more cross-pollination, although Apple didn’t comment on the possibility of this.

These new computers should be in stores as early as March 2021. At the present time, the company has indicated a move to ditch Intel somewhat for now. The Intel chip has been used by Apple products for a long time. Now, Apple will strive to pay attention to using its own chips because the team believes they make for faster processing, better design, and longer running period on battery usage.

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No doubt, there could be bottlenecks here and there as Apple and software makers try to adapt to new challenges when eliminating features in old Mac for the new. Now, Mac computers are coming without cooling fans in a bid to slim down on hardware.

The new chips will first run inside smaller computers, such as the 13-inch MacBook Air and the Pro edition. It will also run on the Mac Mini desktop. After that, the company hopes to increase capacity in the spate of two years when all the Mac products will begin to use its own chips.

Apple is getting more sales from iPhones than what comes from the sales of Mac computers. Will there be a change when all Macs run the new chip so that Apple computers could favorably compete with those made by Lenovo, HP, and Dell? Only time can tell.

There is a high demand for laptops now during the pandemic as businesses, schools, and government agencies shift focus to working from home.

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