Apple iPad Pro shows its supremacy in AnTuTu


Equipped with the latest processor fully developed by the Cupertino giant, the new Apple iPad Pro continue to break records. Having reported an incredible milestone on the Geekbench platform, now it is the turn of the Aion Bionic to humiliate the competition on AnTuTu.

In short, given such a positive prognosis, it would be strange if the Apple iPad Pro did not repeat the feat in AnTuTu. Well, that’s exactly what happened, even surpassing our best expectations.

Firstly, at this time the iPhone XS as well as the iPhone XS Max are the leaders in AnTuTu. Secondly, it should be noted that the new iPad Pro (2018) uses an enhanced version of this same A12 processor, more specifically the A12X.

In second place and according to the international press, today we have the scores of Apple iPad Pro in the platform AnTuTu. Looking especially at the 11-inch model, we have a total of 557 679 points.

Apple iPad Pro Shows Its Supremacy at AnTuTu

In short, the new Apple iPad Pro show a 50% improvement over the latest generation of smartphones. Yes, a 50% improvement over the iPhone XS as well as the iPhone XS Max. This is a huge difference of scores that end up proving the improvements in the new generation of tablets. Something that will translate into greater fluidity and speed in the use of Apple iPad Pro. Then we can see the scores of both terminals on the AnTuTu platform.

Given these results of AnTuTu, we can analyze a total of 4 points. First the score of the processor (CPU) with 159136 points. In second place we have the graph (GPU) with 315108 points. Thirdly we have the interface (UX) with 69971 points. Finally, in fourth place, we have the memory (RAM and ROM) with 13464 points.

In short, we can see that “magic” is present mainly in the graphics as well as the processor of Apple iPad Pro. That is where the brand has strengthened the capabilities of this processor and we can see the big difference.


Given all this, the supremacy of the new tablets of the Cupertino giant is undeniable before any competition. They are numbers that impose a lot of respect.