Apple HomePod will introduce support for calls soon


Apple has entered the smart speaker market with its HomePod. Although the sales of these devices have not finished taking off yet. But the American brand is confident that they will increase over the months. And for that, it is also important that new features reach them. One of them, which will arrive in the near future, is the support for calls.

HomePod will introduce support for calls soon

In this way, the device will allow the user to make calls directly. A function that could be most comfortable at all times.

Apple HomePod can call directly

The function would be already tested at present, so it should not take too long to reach the market. Although at the moment we do not have dates for it. But it is expected that HomePod will be able to make calls directly soon. The user will not have to use his iPhone in this case, but the speaker will do the whole process.

You will benefit from the great audio quality that HomePod offers. Since this is the strong point of it, that its audio quality is superior to that of its direct rivals. It will allow calls to be very clear.

Apple has not said anything about the show, but it is already known that the Cupertino company works on the show, which will come at some point in the coming months. We hope to have more news about its launch soon. But we already know that the calls will arrive.


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