Apple Car – New Features Emerge


The news of an upcoming Apple car has been on for a while. Now, it is evident that Apple and Huawei are working together to bring a beta version of the car to completion by 2022.

This new project is probably the biggest for Apple, one that could see big challenges from makers of electric vehicle makers. But Wall Street Journal said that the Apple Car may a few key advantages over other electric cars.

It is still not fully known if Apple will have a large control on the kind of design the car will have, as the company is not known to have been very successful in controlling every aspect of a product from conception to delivery.

The Apple car has patents, which shows the designing component, and people can have a look at what the car may look like when it is delivered but these, although insightful, do not really mean that is exactly what the finished design will be.

Some of the vehicle features of the Apple car are said to be game-changers in car manufacturing. Take for example the possibility of having holographic images on a car’s windshield. The patent calls it a ‘system with Holographic Head-Up Display.’

Hidden Controls
Apple Car- Hidden Controls

The system would shoot holographic images on the windshield and other windows of the car, and these will be reflected back to the driver and passengers. The information may include vital information about the vehicle itself, such as speed, direction, and location. The information can also be about what is happening inside the car, like what song is playing on the radio.

Another amazing feature is the touchscreens and other controls which may be hidden in seats, doors, and other surfaces in the car. The patent calls those ‘concealed behind a surface’ and when these are touched, they light up.

Features like these will make the car of more advantages than other electric vehicles and can make Apple a winner also in the car-making industry.