Android 7 Nougat Download Links For Infinix Smartphones

Many Android smartphones have been adopting the Android 7 Nougat operating system, and Infinix phones are not exempted in this. However, while we wait for the OTA upgrade to Android 7 Nougat on our Infinix phone, you can upgrade to Android 7 manually by quickly downloading and installing the upgrade within some seconds, meaning you can update to it without jumping through too many hoops.

nougat infinix

The released Nougat upgrades are only available for these Infinix model; Infinix Note 3, Note 3 Pro, Infinix Zero 4, Infinix Zero 4 Plus, Infinix HOT 4 3G, Infinix HOT 4 Pro, Hot S, and Infinix S2.

List Of Android 7 Nougat Download Links For Selected Infinix Phones

Infinix Zero 4

X555-H538A1-N-170331V117        TF CardFlashtool

X555-H538B1-N-170331V86          TF Card, Flashtool

Note 3/Note 3 Pro

X601-H536A1-N-170324V139       Tcard_update  FlashTool

X601-H537A1-N-170327V87         TFcard    FlashTool

X601-H537B1-N-170327V63         TFcard  FlashTool

X601-H537C1-N-170327V36         Tfcard_update  FlashTool

X601-H537A1-N-ID-170327V6     FlashTool

X601-H537A1-N-ID-SKD-170328V3 16+3 Tcard_updateFlashTool

Zero 4 Plus Beta 2

X602-H972AC-N-170518V29  TFcardFlashtool

Hot S Beta 3

X521-J5088A1C1-N-170602V34   Check here

X521-J5088E1G1-N-170602V34   Check here

Infinix S2

X522-H539A1-N-170411V68, TFcard,  Flashtool update

X522-H539C1-N-170411V62 TFcard,  Flashtool 

X522-H539D1-N-170412V63 TFcard  Flashtool

(NEW)X522-H539A1-N-ID-170413V2 TFcard, Flashtool

X522-H539C1-N-ID-170413V2 TFcard, Flashtool

Hot4 3G (16+2)

X557-H807AD-N-170512V44 TFcardFlashtool

Hot4 Pro 4G (16+2)

X556-H371A1-N-170517V33  TFcard update

GM – 20th of July

Note: To install through your sdcard, use the TFcard download link, and to install via SPflashtool or infinix flashtool, use the flashtool download link.

How to install Using TFcard Method (Phone)

For the purpose of first timer, get a clean SD card and placed the downloaded Android 7.0 ROM inside

  • Press your menu key and go to system update
  • Choose update from the local option
  • Choose the version you downloaded to your SDcard and click on install
  • Your device will reboot and start upgrading to Android 7.0 nougat

How to install Using Flashtool Method (PC)

Visit here to learn how to update Infinix phones to Android 7.0 Nougat using a PC.

Warning: Back up your files before starting this process. You should also note that you are doing this at your own risk, TechReen won’t be held responsible for any brick, damage whatsoever mistakes made during this process of using these upgrade method, everything will go perfectly fine if well followed. Having agreed, you can proceed. So you are warned! Lol, am not trying to scare you but take it seriously.

Those of you that have Nougat OS running on your Infinix phones already, what has been your experience so far?

6 thoughts on “Android 7 Nougat Download Links For Infinix Smartphones”

  1. Bhai ojo Stephen mere phone me system 7.0 update hi niii hota
    Yeah likha aata h your system is in the latest version bhai yeah kaise hoga

  2. Iam using note 3 and have updated to nougat through OTA.My experience so far has with the update has been fantastic but the biggest challenge Iam having with the update is that there is no longer the option to move my apps to SD card.I have tried all sorts of appstosdcards without success. My internal memory is almost full and Iam having an original 64gb memory card which I can’t use.I tried formatting the SD card as internal memory but it simply refused to be formatted as internal memory.


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