Amazon Is Going To Launch 3,326 Communication Satellites In Space


Amazon is looking forward to compete with SpaceX to provide a global bandwidth network. The company will provide the internet service from low orbit Earth.

Amazon has asked for permissions from the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) to launch 3,326 Internet satellites by filing on 4th July. FCC will coordinate trajectories and radio-frequency use.

According to this project, Kuiper satellites will offer broadband service to millions of data consumers and businesses which are deprived of adequate internet access.

Reports say that FCC has already approved around 13,000 satellites of low Earth orbit, out of which 11,943 satellites are registered for Elon musk’s Exploration Technologies Corp. and 60 spacecraft have been already sent to space during the month of may

According to Amazon’s FCC application, the company will launch 3,236 satellites on 98 orbital planes. And the satellites will operate at an altitude ranging between 370 to 390 miles. Amazon in its FCC filings has expressed that this project will help U.S. communities ‘by offering fixed broadband communications services to rural and hard-to-reach areas’.

In order to set up a global network, a large number of satellites are needed as one satellite reaches the horizon, it sends the signals to the next satellite. These satellites revolve around the earth at a high speed to stay up into the air in the low orbit.

Apart from providing broadband services to rural areas and areas where internet service is lacking behind, Amazon will also offer “high-throughput mobile broadband connectivity services for aircraft, maritime vessels, and land vehicles.”

The CEO of Amazon company, Jeff Bezos has said that the Kuiper project will cost “multiple billions of dollars”  and this project is not linked to Bezos’s space launch vehicle maker known as Blue Origin LLC.


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