Amazon Antitrust Issues Worsens – Why It Must Defend Itself


The mushrooming battle over Amazon’s alleged anticompetitive business practices in areas concerning Congress, federal agencies and state government is escalating. Therefore, the company needs to gear up to defend itself.

At the present time, we learn that the e-commerce giant is expanding its legal team. The company wants to disprove allegations that it unfairly dominates markets. At the same time, it tweaked its public message to downplay its role as the world’s largest online retailer.

In recent times, the company had to spend more on federal lobbying than it used to do in the past. That includes trying to boost its image in Washington. Analysts are seeing those moves by Amazon as erecting a shield against stepped-up antitrust scrutiny. They seem to think that the company is sinking into a position lower than what tech companies often enjoyed with the government.

Amazon has reportedly filed its ranks among at least 10 former federal antitrust attorneys and economists. These are mostly the people who worked in the federal government for many years.

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To save itself, the company is currently looking to hire more attorneys to advise the company on a wide variety of cutting-edge legal and business risk management issues. These will include issues having to do with the realm of antitrust. It is also looking to solve the issues having to do with antimonopoly. The company prefers candidates that are working closely with a regulatory agency, or someone who knows complex business litigation, especially in antitrust matters.

But working inside will not do. So, the company is also looking to having outside help to advise it on antitrust matters.

In 2020, Amazon spent $18.7 million courting federal officials. That is more than it has ever spent in a year. Only Facebook could match up to that amount of spending for the same reasons.