Amazon Announces Open Sourcing of DeepRacer Software


DeepRacer is not a new deal. It was designed by Amazon as a fun way to help developers understand more about machine learning. The DeepRacer technology is about four years old.

Amazon made sure that it evolved since that time, and did better through the DeepRacer competitions. Now, the company has announced it will make it possible for the technology to become open source.

The DeepRacer car is a small computer that you may first regard as a car toy when you first see it on the internet. It is actually a mini-computer running Ubuntu Linux and Amazon’s Robot Operating System (ROS).

Amazon said that it is opening the device software to developers that can make use of it in more creative ways. The ultimate goal behind this is to change the mini car’s default behavior.


In a statement, Amazon said that open sourcing the AWS DeepRacer device code will make it quick for anyone to change the default behavior of the current track-obsessed race car.

There are options available. The developer may want the car to block other cars from overtaking it by deploying countermeasures, or it may deploy the developer’s custom algorithm to the car move faster from one point to the other, or the developer could just add his or her own unique technology to it.

After releasing DeepRacer, there have been in-person DeepRacer leagues, and now during the pandemic, virtual races have become common. Recently, Amazon reorganized the leagues so that more people will be attracted to get involved with the technology.

It really feels good for developers to make the technology behind the device their own. Possibly, some of the developers can add new layers of usage to the cars that haven’t been in existence till now.


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