Amazfit Verge Smartwatch – Chinese Version


Sometime in 2018, just a few months ago, Amazfit Verge Smartwatch was launched in China with a few unique qualities of its own. Now, people are able to purchase the watch anywhere in the world. It is a watch that sports people really appreciate because it makes their lives easier. If they go to training without it, it is as if fish is out of water.

Let’s take our time out and analyse why even in 2019, the Amazfit Verge Smartwatch can still be your favorite smartwatch.


Take a first quick look and you may think it looks like a watch you know before. But no, it is unique, targeted at sporty types and it comes in silicone strap, reinforced plastic casing and a bright red physical button on the right.

If you take a look at some pictures online, it is easy to see that the smartwatch has a plastic feel to it but no, the material used with the smartwatch will not hurt your skin. It gives the soft, comfortable feeling the wearer desires. This is not the most lustrous watch anyone has ever seen but it is cool for use in the home, when you’re jogging, in the office, or at a formal dinner function.

What are some of the reasons why people pick this watch? The Amazfit Verge Smartwatch is slightly smaller, slimmer, lighter, than its counterparts and it is actually suitable for both sexes. With its AMOLED screen, you get a better display which allows you to enjoy it indoors and outdoors. More than that, the display is protected against unsavory elements with Gorilla Glass 3.

The Amazfit Verge Smartwatch makes use of sensors such as accelerometer, heart rate sensor, gyroscope, geomagnetic, ambient light, and atmospheric pressure sensors. On the other side, with the 4GB internal storage, the user can easily make use of the phone for calling, storing music files and yet there is a speaker which works for everything including answering calls.

Make use of this Amazfit Verge Smartwatch for five days on a single charge. This is enough for those who hate to charge their device all the time. In the battery department, the device compares well with the likes of Garmin and Polar.


Pick your favorable Amazfit Verge Smartwatch color – twilight blue and moonlight white. They come in with 20mm and 22m bands which are removable and custom designed for the watch.

When you are using it for sports, it is primarily a timepiece. Sporty individuals use it for running outdoors and indoors, trail running, walking, mountaineering, tennis, skiing, football, cycling, etc. but note, it may not be too cool for swimming although the watch is certified for water resistance.

Yes, you can expect to get all the usual fitness stats you need. However, one of the biggest USP of the Amazfit Verge Smartwatch is that it comes with an improved heart rate sensor. This watch is able to keep tabs on your ticker with an accuracy of 98 percent and 80 percent lower power consumption than its counterpart known as Stratos.

But what would a watch like this sell for? The price of Amazfit Verge Smartwatch, Xiaomi Eco-system product, made in China is $149.99 USD. We trust this is the best price of the smartwatch for now.

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