AmazFit GTR Wristwatch is a Simple Watch For All


Looking smart is the desire of everyone. We want our outfit to look simple, yet captivating. That is why we buy new clothes and shoes whenever we want to attend a special occasion or a party. This, however, will be incomplete without a wristwatch. So if you want to be the nice-looking guy out there, you surely need a wristwatch to match your outfit.

AmazFit GTR Smartwatch

Here we got you one. The AmazFit GTR Wristwatch is not just an ordinary watch, but one that comes with exciting features that will blow your mind. The AmazFit comes with rich features such as AMOLED screen, it’s water-resistant and also comes with GPS & GLONASS for navigation. Furthermore, the battery on the inside also promises to last for 24 days when fully charged. This is impressive if it’s true as claimed by the maker.

AmazFit GTR Smartwatch Features

  • It features Wether
  • It can be used for Call
  • It has Music Control
  • It features App Notification
  • It comes with Event Reminder
  • It has an Alarm Clock
  • It features Find Phone
  • It has a Compass sensor
  • It comes with Chronograph
  • Lastly is Timer

Design And Display

One thing that gives the juicer enough power to last for 24 days is because it’s built with a low power consumption chip with an advanced circuit which boosts the battery longevity. This simple Smartwatch features a classic circular dial with a ceramic bezel. It’s also built with the combination of stainless steel and Aluminum Alloy.

The premium leather watchband is skin-friendly which fits perfectly on any hand.
This is not just an outfit smartwatch, it’s also good for sport as well which you can use to keep track of your status.


It has a screen size of 1.39 inches with full HD AMOLED display. The screen has an impressive resolution of 454 X 454 Pixels with 326 PPI density which will offer clear visuals. Since it has support for 50 meters waterproof, you won’t have any problem taking it along with you to the pool.

Other features include the heart rate monitor and a special AmazFit App. With the App, you will be able to set up some settings such as dial style, check the historical record of sport, and you can also set your training program to help you train better.

The AmazFit GTR Smartwatch is unisex, both men and female can wear the watch and it will fit perfectly on any color combination of your choice. This indeed is another premium wristwatch to compete with other expensive smartwatches out there like the new Galaxy watch or Apple watch series.

AmazFit GTR Smartwatch Price And Availability

The AmazFit GTR Smartwatch is now available on GearBest for $149.99. Although the price is quite high for a wristwatch, however considering the rich features mentioned above, buyers will get a fair of what the paid for. If you have the money, then it’s time to look special, grab the Watch from GearBest now and flex it around with your friends.