Have you ever noticed your Amazon statement displaying this, “Amazon Courtesy Credit $XX?“, or is it a checkout statement that showed “Amazon Courtesy Credit applied?” I’ve seen it and it took me some time to know its purpose and meaning.

The Amazon Courtesy Credit is a discretionary tool used by Amazon for lots of reasons. It can be a credit responding to terrible service, a let-down, as an incentive, a way of appreciating you or something entirely different. You might receive a notification of the credit through your email or it might show on your account without any notification whatsoever. There is no rule regarding this.

Not all people receive this kind of email and occasionally you will only see “credit applied.” as soon as you are past checkout. It appears that if you purchase something fulfilled by Amazon and possess a credit anywhere on your account, it gets used up there. The key here is this – “something fulfilled by Amazon.”. If you purchase anything from a marketplace seller, ever credit you possess won’t be applied. If you purchase anything sold by Amazon, it sure will.

The Amazon Courtesy Credit gets a different treatment to a gift card or promo code so you don’t merge the 2 together as far as I know. It is an entirely different system. It might also be applied in an automatic manner to your buys or after checkout. I don’t think you can select when and where you want it applied. Just on buys straight from Amazon, not a marketplace seller.

Amazon Courtesy Credit

It is non-compulsory. When I was reading up for this article, some people I questioned got credit for a delivery that was late, some for order processing taking too long and others for when they registered for Prime or when they first decided to cancel before going back on the decision.

It seems like an optional tool Amazon can make use of to soothe a deal or remove the disappointment out of a particular part of service. So even if they are the most respected retailer worldwide, they still show they care, even if its a bit, about their customers.

How You Can Get Amazon Courtesy Credit

Everyone wants to know this. The easy response might be by undergoing service way below the standard that should come with Amazon. As you can see in the above image, if you purchase anything from Amazon and it goes south, the probability of you seeing an Amazon Courtesy Credit is really high.

For instance, if you settle the bill for a tomorrow delivery but it came after the next day, you might get credit. If you paid for gift wrapping and you saw an unwrapped gift, you might also get a credit. If you issued a complaint or received poor response and reached out to Amazon, you might get credit too.

Because it is optional, there are no rules. I am certain Amazon should have a criteria list on the internet, but I failed to find it.

The people I had questioned earlier got Amazon Courtesy Credits when they contacted Amazon chasing a delivery. Amazon Prime customers and non-Prime customers benefited so there are no restrictions. When faced with delays, the agent applied credits of $5 or $10 depending on how long the delay was.

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