All iPhone 13 Colors and How to Pick the Best


The iPhone 13 series are all here with an array of colors. You could be hearing Sierra Blue, starlight, midnight, and more. The thing is that you may associate the colors with what you already know.

There are other colors too, such as red, blue, and others that someone may be confused as to which one to buy. Of course, the color of a phone may not be the only determining factor for purchasing a smartphone, when buyers look at features online or offline, they seem to consider the right color of the phone to buy.

Basically, most phones will come in the most popular colors we all know phones come in: Black, white, silver, gold, and pink. The iPhone 13 range also arrived in some of these colors. The notorious color among those mentioned here is black. However, as some may say, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is actually black when you start to use it.


Does Color Matter?

Color is the main thing when people buy phones. It is often said that owning a brightly colored phone says something about you. If so, owning a black phone should as well. When reviewers write about phone features, color hardly takes precedence in the write-up but every marketer knows that a phone color could mean more or fewer sales.

In view of this, phone manufacturers have learned how to come up with sweet names such as Jet Black, Phantom Blue, Prism White, and others that make would-be buyers salivate when they think about how the colors will make the smartphones look like when they get to the hands of the users. The thing is that color is the thing that people see and notice when they see a phone before they think about other specs like camera and battery.

Let’s take a brief look at the iPhone 13 series colors and check out which will be the best for you to buy.

Apple Smartphone

iPhone 13 Product Red

This color is one of Apple’s top options for the iPhone 13. In the past, it used to be just one out of e few color options. The red is a sharp type that lets everyone notice, not just the phone but also the owner once they both come into view. You may not like to be instantly noticed, or you may associate red with danger. If so, this phone is not for you. It is even said that each red-colored smartphone that Apple sells is a donation to HIV/Aids treatment programs.

iPhone 13 Pink

Pink is probably a darling in its own rights. The popularity of this smartphone goes way back. Women seem to love it but men like it too. The iPhone 13 pink phone is a proper pink color, purest in its form. It is not a loud color, which means that if you don’t want to attract quick attention in the public this device is for you. It is also good because light scratches on the body of the device may not be that apparent.

iPhone 13 Pro Graphite

This color is also for people who don’t want to show off, like those who use the red color iPhone 13. You don’t care at all for color? Pick this matte black smartphone. No one will take a look twice at your phone because this is a dull color. Bring it out from the case, lay it on the table, and no one will like to pick it up because of aesthetics. This is a very good option if you want your device to ‘hide’ as it were when it is obvious to the public.


iPhone 13 Blue

Blue comes in several shades. It is possible that you approve of sky blue and oppose navy blue colors. However, in this case, there’s nothing embellished in this blue, for it is not starlight or midnight blue. It is just a simple blue. Blue as it can ever get. This iPhone color is said to be the bluest color of the phone on the market at this time. One thing is clear, this phone demands that you use a clear case that matches.

iPhone 13 Pro Sierra Blue

Can we say that this blue color is upgraded? No. This is the first time that Apple will introduce a smartphone in this color. Last year, the company introduced a Pacific blue smartphone that is a shade of Sierra blue. This color is so similar to graphite that they both could be mistaken to be the same color. Once people see this phone with you, they immediately know that you have something among the latest gadgets. You may not use it with a case, but there are no hard and fast rules regarding this.

iPhone 13 Pro Silver

It is not here with the glory of a starlight color but this silver is truly classic. Like we all know that silver is glorious, this device too is able to hide minor scratches. If you don’t like black phones, this one is the way to go. You definitely will enjoy using this iPhone 13 Pro silver smartphone that is shiny but not too exposing.

Iphone 13
Iphone 13

iPhone 13 Starlight

if it is starlight, it is nothing short of being white. This the default color for iPhone since the beginning. White may not be able to hide blemishes like some other colors but when your phone is always clean, even minor scratches can be hidden, especially on the glass and metal band around the outer edge of the body.


What if you decide not to use a case for the device? That’s still okay because its brightly colored surface comes with a bright white base that looks amazing. The good thing is it also offers extra protection when no case is used.

iPhone 13 Midnight

This is probably the most popular phone color out there. It means that the phone is totally black. It is the kind of color that you don’t need to match against anything. By default, it fits your clothes, your shoes, your bags, and other things just because it is black. This is the color for a buyer who doesn’t care what color his or her phone comes in. It is simply the most comfortable color you can move around with without bothering if your friends and acquaintances will complain about it.

iPhone 13 Pro Gold

Apple is known to have offered many gold-colored iPhones in the past. The company knows how to play with gold color. We’ve seen Champagne and Rose gold colors in iPhones. This year, Apple introduces a classic light shade of gold, a bit less attractive than the standard gold color. If you like gold, but don’t want to appear loud on it, try this iPhone 13 Pro.


If you’ve taken your time to read the article, you should by now appreciate that although there are many colors to choose from, the job is now easier because you know what they stand for, and how you could appear to the public when you choose a certain color. Go for your favorite color of iPhone 13 and boost your confidence any day, anytime.