Alert: Dangerous Apps in the Google Playstore


Yes, you saw right. Even in the Playstore there are dangers lurking here and there and not just in the corner. It claimed that about 22 different apps that drain battery life in Android smartphones could even do much more danger – land you with a excessive phone bills.

These click-fraud apps pose a risk to users although they appear very normal on the Google Playstore. Out of sight, these apps perform criminal actions and this is being reported right now, by reliable media sources. Experts who armed with more information about the apps said that they have been downloaded more than 22 million times.

One of the dubious apps, the illegal flashlight app has racked up 1 million downloads before it was deleted from the Playstore.

How do these apps wor?

They createinvisible ads, and they also trick advertiser into thinking that you, the user have clicked their ads, all in a bid to make money.

If you look at the apps on the surface, you will think that they are perfectly normal. They are made to make users think that are functioning very well but they are not, as they are intended to carry out criminal intent.

The malware often simulates a user that clicks on the ad and then it makes it possible to appear as if the click is real and not fake. Hence, people running these dodgy apps are making more money than they should.

Sometimes, phone users don’t know what drains their device batteries. But even in the cases where they know, they may not know that these apps can cause data overawes at the apps constantly runs and communicates with background servers.

However, if the normal user is the non-challant type and one without technical knowledge he or she may not know anything at all for a long time.

Another warnings sign is increased data usage, attached to the fast drainage of battery power. Sometimes though, these issues could also be as a result of other negative occurrences in the phone.

Since most people give these apps positive comments and make favorable reviews, it turns out that more people get to download them from time to time.

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