Ailing car market? The trams are fine!


The current pandemic situation continues to affect the most diverse markets, especially the automobile, which during the quarantine sold little or nothing! This is something that everyone has a little awareness of, but that is only now beginning to be quantified with numbers.

That said, it seems that although June was slightly higher than May, it remains a disastrous month in relation to the past … At least in the world of combustion cars, but we go by parts.


New car registration in June fell 34.9% from the same time in 2019!

Therefore, this information comes to us through the Society of Engine Manufacturers and Traders. An association that added that in June one in five dealers remained closed due to the coronavirus.

81 Renault Megane Refresh 2020 Etech Charging
81 Renault Megane Refresh 2020 Etech Charging

In England, car dealers did not reopen until 1 June

Due to the pandemic, there was a major stop in the automotive industry, ranging from the closing of factories to the closing of the dealers themselves. Therefore, as expected, the resumption of sales happened in a phased manner, but despite the low numbers, everything points to a favorable situation for the coming months.


After all, in May the drop in new car sales compared to 2019 is 89%, but in June it is ‘only’ 34.9%!

Thus, this indicates that the market is really improving over time. Still, in the first 6 months of the year, 616,000 fewer cars were sold in England alone.

Electric cars have not suffered so much … The demand for cars with a combustion engine was the most affected!

We don’t know if this is happening due to the pandemic or due to the enormous efforts of manufacturers that are increasingly fighting for electrification. After all, demand for gasoline engine models dropped 39.9% and diesel dropped 59.8%. Contrary to this trend, in June the demand for plug-in hybrids grew by 117.0%, and even more impressive than that, the demand for 100% electric vehicles increased by 261.8%.

So, to be aware, of the 145,377 cars sold last month, 8903 were 100% electric!

Interestingly, the huge demand for 100% electric models ensured that the Tesla Model 3 was on the list of top 10 best selling cars for the third consecutive time.

In short, sales figures were affected in addition to the consequences created by the corona-virus pandemic. After all, demand is now on hybrid and 100% electric models, a strong indication that it may be affecting sales figures.

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