Activision confirmed! New Call Of Duty For 2021 Release Date

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Although almost all recent Call Of Duty games are now big sharks on the market, and it has already been said that Activision would probably have to slow down the annual game releases for which it is so well known, the studio does not seem to want to listen to any of this and confirmed very recently that a new game in the series would be released later this year. This leaves players even more anxious than they already were when all this was just a rumor.

So, if you happen to be a little tired of playing Call Of Duty Modern Warfare or Warzone. Remember that a new game that promises to be brutal is about to arrive. However, we still don’t know for sure if the various multiplayer modes will be so good and so evolved. At least like those we are used to.

Activision confirmed! New Call Of Duty will arrive this year!

Call Of Duty Warzone
Call Of Duty Warzone

Therefore, according to what was possible to perceive. Activision will even launch a new game later this year. Probably in the last quarter of 2021. However, the various Call Of Duty games that still receive updates will continue to receive everything as normal. Bearing in mind that the studio itself has already announced new content now for 2021.

That said, unfortunately, Activision didn’t reveal any information about the name, history, and even graphics of this new game. We will even have to wait some more time until the studio reveals more information.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare
Call Of Duty Modern Warfare

In short, if Activision’s main objective is to actually overcome Warzone’s success. You will have to do your best and bring something truly incredible to all of us. But we really have to wait and see what ideas are at the head of the studio.

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