Activate Picture-in-picture (PiP) YouTube Mode on iOS


Way back in 2018, YouTube delivered this mode to Android smartphones and other gadgets. If you’ve never used Android, this technology may be new to you. The good news is that YouTube has brought the feature to iPhones. What is the picture-in-picture YouTube Mode? And why do people love it so much? Read the rest of this article to find out.

What is Picture-in-Picture YouTube Mode?

When you are watching a video in the YouTube app, sometimes you could desire to do some other things on the app while your video plays on. Before now, iOS users had no way of playing the video continuously on a small screen (mini player) outside the app.


It was probably available to Premium iOS users before this time but soon it seems everyone can make use of the mini-player feature on their iPhones. iPhone 11 and 14 users are pretty much targeted for this feature right now. It will be very nice if you too could test it out if you have an iPhone device.

So, if you have YouTube Premium, you activate the picture-in-picture (PiP) mode right now. We’ll tell you how.

Try It Out in 3 Steps

Step 1: First, Visit this link, and sign in with your Gmail account, then get the YouTube Premium Make (not just Music Premium)

Step 2: Scroll down and find the words: “Picture-in-Picture on iOS” after “Translate comments”

Step 3: Click on the “Try it out” button.

That’s it!

Note: iPad does not support PiP right now

Picture In Picture Ios 1x
Picture In Picture Ios

How To Use PiP on iOS

The Picture-in-Picture mode will allow you to keep watching a YouTube video on your iOS while you do other things on the app, or outside the app. You may be able to do most other stuff you do on your phone while the video plays on.

Here’s how to do it. While watching a video, swipe up or simply press home on the app to close the app and watch the video on a smaller screen. If you are making use of Android, it happens like magic to some because you don’t consciously activate it. Very soon, the same will be happening to iOS users.

It is important to note that if you lock the screen while watching in PiP, that will pause the video. If you desire to resume playing the video in mini player mode, you will need to use the lock screen media controls to do that.


The team promises improved methods to use the mode.

Ios 14 Pip 1
YouTube PiP mode

Having Trouble Using the PiP Mode?

Some iOS users, especially iPad users may find it hard to test this new feature. If that is true about you, first make sure that you have signed in to the link posted above. That is where any Premium YouTube users can test new products offered by the company. Login to see available products that premium users can find and get involved in.

If you have signed in and you’re still unable to use the PiP mode, delete your old YouTube app, and reinstall another. Some users may only need to update the app. This may enable the feature on your device.

When Will PiP Mode Be Available?

YouTube said the test will last until October 31, 2021. If so, it appears that all iOS users will be able to use the feature starting in early November. But we are not sure since the company hasn’t hinted at the actual release date.