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Acadasuite Launches App for Teachers, Schools

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A digital platform in Lagos, Acadasuite, has launched a mobile app to help teachers and students thrive during this pandemic era. The app, according to the developer, will address school management, e-learning, and virtual school system. It will also be used for curriculum and extra curriculum contents.

The Content Manager at Acadasuite, Olufemi Eribake said that the app can be used online and offline, and is one of the best tools to address the challenges posed by COVID-19, which at one point made Nigeria’s government closed down schools across Nigeria.

Referring to the pandemic, the Acadasuite spokesman said that the pandemic kept many children out of the school learning environment, and when the schools opened, not many teachers were around to teach the children all the subjects they need to be successful.

He said that the app is targeted at the teachers and students, including schools, so they can have a digital platform where they could teach students in a virtual classroom. This will enable students to have the necessary access to all the subject teachers.

Acadasuite E Learning
Acadasuite E Learning

The will come pre-loaded with an approved school curriculum, and the teacher could leverage this to teach students online or he could create new content on the digital platform to teach students.

The app is not free, as students can subscribe with 200 Naira per subject and get quality education on any subject of choice. The good thing about the app is that parents who can’t always buy data for the internet could use the app offline. Acadasuite makes it possible for parents to purchase pre-loaded bundled devices with approved secondary and primary school subjects. Students are always welcome to learn offline without the use of data.

Acadasuite app contents will appear in form of video and texts, enabling even the visually impaired children will be able to make use of the app. Students will be able to ask questions and get answers. Public schools that don’t have all the subject teachers are encouraged to embrace this app.

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