7 effective ways to save money on PS4/Xbox One

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Haven’t you enjoyed the stunning experience of PS4 or Xbox One until now? I must say you are wasting your time in those old-fashioned video games. In this article, I’ll show you different ways of saving money while buying PS4/Xbox One. In fact, these things are easy to see but, their results are amazing.

Likewise, these easy things can make a big impact on most of the people. As these are the most advanced and highly reputed gaming machines of this century, which gives a breathtaking experience that everyone should get once in a lifetime.


And saying in all honesty, you would love to do it but, what about its high price tag? Everyone is attracted towards its features and specifications at the same time forget about its high price. This is the main reason restricting you from doing so.

Because of its price, you are not able to buy it; even you are wishing to do so. Don’t you know the different ways to buy these types of games? As a gamer, you should know all the loopholes, but if you don’t know, let me tell you.

When talking about the discounts, you can go for a Zavvi Referral Code, to grab a powerful console or games within your budget and let the game on. Addition to that Voucher Arena will provide coupons and deals for related gaming accessories which is available for 24X7.

Besides this, there are many holidays where games usually go for cheaper than normal. These coupons, vouchers are provided for every day so doesn’t wait for the holiday or for some events. However, several retailers mainly announce special offers and cash back on consoles and games during this period. Keep your eyes open to grab this opportunity of saving money.

  • Wait before buying a new game

I don’t understand, why you people make rush for buying newly arrived consoles or video games? There are sufficient numbers of copies and everyone will get it. Every time when a new game is released its prices is kissing the sky, only because of its fame.

Many of you know this will happen and also it is not affordable for almost everyone. In this case, instead of making a rush, try to wait as much as possible. This is a long process but speaking honestly it works. Once its fame period is over then it will come to its actual price.

And this is the correct time to grab it and make your money worth. At this point, many stores will definitely offer free stuff or related gaming accessories with it. So all your waiting will feel you proud when you got such things within your budget.

  • Look at all possible shops

Here you can take a long walk towards the local shops as well as can scroll down for related online shops. I must say, this task is most cost-effective. Because when you look around at a few shops you’ll get the idea about consoles current price, any offers avail or not, any item is free with it.

If you are looking to buy a console in a local shop then you have to bargain for its price and have to ask for some complimentary gifts. The situation is totally opposite in case of online shops, How?

While looking for online shops, there are discount codes, coupons, vouchers, offers, and deals are available to cut your cost and if you are in luck then you will get the complimentary gift with it without asking.

  • Sell old ones or exchange

Many people want to showcase their collection and many of you are tired of playing these old ones. But never think about selling it. Listen, if you are frustrated while playing and dealing with the old characters then free them. There are many online shops which deal with second-hand games and ready to give you the best price.


Isn’t it cool! Otherwise, you can exchange the old games with your friends, this way you can taste your friend’s collection as well as in future sometime you felt kind of getting bored then you can again switch to your old collection.

  • Rent games

If you don’t want to regret after buying a new console or game because it doesn’t meet your expectations then take a test drive of it by taking a game on a rent. This tip will help you to understand everything there in the game and your money won’t be wasted.

Remember back in the old days, when there are only a few shops which give consoles and video games on rent. On weekends, you go to that store with your friend bring the game to home, play the games and try to finish it in time before giving it back to the store.

If there is late to return, there can be a penalty fee as fine. Either you can ask them to rent the game for longer and accordingly pay more money. If you are paying regularly they are satisfied and ready to give you an extension.

Now also you can take console or games on rent and return it back whenever you want with no late fees. And if you decide you’d like to keep a game, you can get it at a discounted rate.

  • Bundles

Most of the people don’t know the concept of bundles. Basically, a bundle is nothing but a package in which you can get popular gaming DVDs tied with one of the latest gaming console or maybe even more. There is a number of bundles available with different combinations, so it’s totally your choice that which bundle you want to buy.

Isn’t it enough! You can get the bundles around 365 days. But before purchasing any bundle make sure that the bundle is making worth of your money because half of them are actually good and remaining is comparatively useless.

  • Make your own savings

When you want a high priced game then you have to make some saving by yourself. As a matter of fact, try to save today and tomorrow you will get the benefit of it. Under this, you can do many things but can start with selling old CDs, DVDs or games, Consoles, etc.

Not a huge amount but, it will help to make some cash and this process is relatively easy, fast and cheap. Well, the results might surprise you because it doesn’t take much effort to sell. Just wrap your things and send them to respective online shops.


Whenever you are able to purchase a console or games, remember one thing you will get unlimited entertainment for coming years as a return gift.


Following are some question which arises in every mind, but can’t get breakthrough to it.

Why always looking for PS4/Xbox One?    

PS4/Xbox One consoles explode into life with intensely sharp graphics, stunningly vibrant colors and smoother, more stable performance. Both the gaming consoles are designed with more powerful graphics, performance, features.

So why are you wasting your saving on gaming PCs, gaming consoles will give you always better experience than it. Also, it will enlarge your games collection so, ready to level up?

Why gaming console instead of gaming PC?

As you know gaming console is one machine which includes all the hardware stuff in it & gives the amazing performance that you have never experienced. Yes, but it costs more than you think.

In contrast, to PC gaming there is no guarantee that every game will work smoothly on it, also it needs proper hardware installation to play any game. So it’s cheap at a cost.

On the other hand, gaming console costs you a lot but it’s a onetime investment, which can be beneficial for you later on if you want to sell it. You can get about 50% of your investment back according to the condition of a gaming console.

What about gaming consoles performance?

For every gaming console, it is claimed that it can run fast and smoothly as compared to old one, which increased the system performance that is same as horsepower in cars. Everything cannot be described and performance is one of them.

So you have to buy it, experience it and then you will come to know about its performance. Don’t worry about the flaw; it takes full advantage of the incredible featured power compact box which makes it special.

Whether it supports old games?

Before launching any advanced version of popular gaming console every company thinks about their old games. According to this yes every console support the older games and why not?


It’s a double treat for everyone there because; every old game is playable on latest gaming console at minimum pixels with an HD TV. With others get a boost to enhance their performance and graphics, which is over twice as powerful as that older version.

You will get PS4 in many local stores but its price will be fixed, at the same time you cannot bargain for it to get in your budget as well as you cannot compare prices along with other stores & searching for the game in your budget will be a time-consuming job for you. So, instead of doing these entire tasks simply try online store and save more.


Happy shopping & Good luck with saving!!!

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