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Games like strategy games give you a strategic thinking edge to solve a particular problem like safeguarding your territory. The intuitive touchscreen of iPhones gives a great experience for gamers and it’s just a natural fit for strategy games. We’ve handpicked 7 strategy games for you.

7 Best Strategy Games for iOS

  1. XCOM: Enemy Within

Make researches of latest alien technology to improve your operatives abilities. Enemy Within promises you core gameplay with great content. Enemy Within is the standalone expansion of 2012 Enemy Unknown.


  1. Kingdom Rush

Use your towers to defend yourself from attacking enemies in the fantastic game world of Kingdom Rush. To survive, you need to upgrade your amoury with arsenals and watch different weapons decorate your screen. It’s an intense and exciting experience.


  1. Art of War

When launched, a well-made intro video appears and added to this game is the nice design of the characters which packs a lot of value into the game. Art of war is a a real-time PVP type of strategy game which involves you commanding characters called units, while surviving your enemies attack.


  1. Faster than Light

A game with random adventure, Faster than light gives you a rogue-like experience. Different ways to play the gave are available which may make you become so addicted that you’ll keep late nights to be a star at it.


  1. Civilizations VI

Civilizations VI gives you a nice gameplay with its smartly designed control and  depth that makes you have continuous gameplay for days. It’s an exciting game.


  1. Empire

Empire is a quick and easy-to-learn strategy games which is also difficult to master. Find a new empire and explore a dying land. The gameplay involves you developing and expanding your Empire till the end. With Empire, every battle is a new challenge with tactics.


  1. Heroes Tatics

Gather weapons, armours, and magical  instruments in this interactive turn-based strategy game to strengthen your attack and conquer new territories. Use your arsenal to lead your heroes on a journey to have Princess Loralyn saved and kill the  evil Loralyn


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