7 Best Insurance Companies In UAE & Dubai


The UAE is known to be a global business hub, and it is a popular place for businesses and investors. The evolution of the place has attracted many business owners and investors. Dubai, which is one of the wealthiest Emirates, hosts tourists, investors, and professionals from around the world. As such, there’s a need for insurance to cover expatriates who may come to do business or see the tourist attractions. There’s are various companies that provide insurance services in the UAE and this post will do justice to letting you know them…

Best Insurance Companies In UAE

1. Adamjee Insurance Dubai

1 Adamjee Insurance
Adamjee Insurance

One of the best insurance companies you can find in the UAE is Adamjee Insurance Co. Ltd. The company, in conjunction with the Ministry of Economy delivers great insurance services. One of the oldest in Dubai and the UAE, the company is registered in line with Federal Law No. 9, 1984. Adamjee Insurance became a public company in 1960 and is part of the Pakistan Stock Exchange. What makes the company stand out from others is their diverse business portfolio.

2. Watania Insurance 

2 Watania Insurance
Watania Insurance

Watania Insurance does a great job at providing insurance in the UAE region. A part of the Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company, the Dubai company is a prominent takaful insurance provider that delivers sharia-compliant takaful insurance products. Wantania insurance services are based on the Wakala model where customers are provided with its Islamic financial service. Home insurance, travel insurance as well as medical insurance are available for those who need products that match their Arabic values and cultures.

3. New India Assurance 

3 New India Assurance
New India Assurance

New India Assurance was established in 1961 in accordance with the Saadi Group in Dubai. The company is subject to the Ministry of Commerce, UAE, and is registered with them. The company has a record for starting up new policies and is a top player in the conventional general coverage. Well known in Dubai, the insurance company offers top-notch insurance services in the UAE.

4. Union Insurance 

4 Union Insurance
Union Insurance

From Union Insurance comes varieties of retail and commercial insurance products. The company delivers its insurance products to customers in the UAE and across the Middle East. They are known to provide cost-effective policies for corporate insurance and individual insurance. Their insurance are in various categories such as motor insurance, expat protection insurance, health insurance, group life insurance, group property insurance, and international income protection insurance.

5. Oman Insurance 

5 Oman Insurance
Oman Insurance

With headquarters in Dubai, UAE, Oman Insurance oversees 15 branches in every Emirate in the UAE, Qatar, and Sultanate of Oman. The Middle East insurance company provides you with insurance products that cover various aspects of your life including health, vehicle, and your family. Their services are broad in nature, and they are known to provide reliable insurance in Dubai.


6. Dubai Insurance 

6 Dubai Insurance
Dubai Insurance

In 1970, Dubai Insurance Company got established by the decree of His Highness Sheikh Rashid Al Maktoum. The company is among the leading insurance companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. For a wide range of business insurance products, Dubai Insurance is the go-to company. They deliver business insurance products, including motor insurance, accident insurance, property insurance, and group medical insurance. On a personal basis, you can get insurance for your home, car travel and so on.

7. Noor Takaful Insurance 

7 Noor Takaful Insurance
Noor Takaful Insurance

Noor Takaful Insurance is a leader of the Takaful sector in the Middle East. The company, incorporated in 2009, is the first entity to abide by the new Federal law no. 6 of the year 2017. Also, a vanguard of the Takaful industry within the Middle East, the entity is based on contemporary Islamic insurance. They offer a range of insurance products to clients.

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