6 Reasons Why Blog Comments Are Highly Important


A blog comment is a valuable tool for site owners and bloggers due to importance in the growth of a blog and its popularity. Many SEO experts have described comments on blogs as highly relevant due to the impact such blog has created on the part of the reader or visitor.


The advantages as well as importance of having visitors comment on your blog are explained below:

  1. Feedback – having a comment on one’s blog means the post is relevant to the reader and viewers but serves as a source of feedback to the poster to know what the reader like or the visitor’s criticism about the post which is helpful for the poster
  2. Backlink – if a visitor drops a comment on your blog, the visitor is expected to have a natural backlink from the site which in return help such blogger or site owner.
  3. Traffic – comment automatically brings traffic to the blog which is as a result of the backlink received when making a comment with the URL. Even as a blog owner, making a comment on other people blog brings some new visitor from the other site too.
  4. Care – comments on a blog show that readers or visitors have their view the post and in return care, you care for them by responding to the question or observation as fast as possible just to make them come for more.
  5. Popularity – comment bring fame to particle blog and as such it, shows effectiveness and activeness of the site on the face of the visitors and search engines.
  6. Search engines – comment of visitors on a blog make the site rank well on Google and other search engines leading to considerable traffic from search engines.

With these few point described above, blog comment should be treated professionally due to the various advantages the blog get which ranges from traffic, backlinks, popularity and Search engine optimisation tips as discussed above.


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