5G has not been deployed and there is already talk of 6G – Samsung is testing the spectrum of THz


It does not matter that 5G has not yet taken off with the speeds and latency that companies and operators promised- 6G is currently in development. This is how Samsung was responsible for communicating it at a networking event- the tests on the THz spectrum were just the beginning.

The consumer society is based on the constant renewal of products, it is something that we live in all areas, especially in the mobile segment. And it also covers other technological aspects, such as mobile communications. It is enough to observe the progression from 3G to 4G, with its consequent evolution to 5G, to realize the volume of business that lurks behind each leap in standards. It’s no wonder 6G is already taking shape.

Samsung sits tests on the 6G spectrum of Terahertz (THz)

6g Spectrum Of Thz
Evolution of mobile connectivity standards

In an event of its Networks division, broadcast today June 22 through YouTube, Samsung once again gave a small preview of how the company understands that 6G will be. It is not the first time that it does so since Samsung has been in charge of fueling the evolution of 5G for months. Now with a practical demonstration on which to base your arguments.

Samsung recently conducted some super high frequency transmission tests taking advantage of the 140 GHz band. They served as a proof of concept as the 6G is still in its early stages of development, but they have been one of the first practical demonstrations of the speeds that new technology can achieve in the THz spectrum. The purpose is to achieve networks that reach terabits per second ; with peaks of more than 50 times the maximum speed of 5G with a tenth of its already low latency.

As always with muscle advancements, future 6G advancements are pure theory. Specifically, Samsung showed a brushstroke in its event “Samsung Networks- Redefined”, advancing that 6G will allow higher transmission speeds, holographic reproduction, digital replication (duplicating physical objects on the network in real time) and the union of virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed with instantaneous transmission between devices. Something similar to what they have been promising since 4G, go.

6g Digital Replica
6g Digital Replica

There are no dates for the implementation of 6G since there are neither protocols nor standards nor defined frequencies. Companies like Samsung encrypt the start of deployments for the end of the 2020s (2028-2030), so we will still have to wait until we see the 6G icon on our phones. If we are still wearing them, of course.

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