500 Million LinkedIn Users Data Up for Sale in Black Market


LinkedIn’s future performance is in jeopardy as news reaching us claims that 500 million users’ data and personal information stolen is up for sale, and anyone could offer to pay for it online.

CyberNews report that out of the 500 million data hacked, 2 million were posted on a hacker forum, boosting the evidence that the theft truly took place.

The user information is said to LinkedIn users’ full names, email addresses, phone numbers, employee data, genders, links to and fro the website, and users’ IDs.

Another piece of information claims that the hackers are charging a paltry sum of $2 in forum credit while reserving the treasure chest of 500 million profiles for a “4 digit dollar price.”

Leaked LinkedIn!

According to reliable sources, the implications of the breach are vast and potentially shocking. The hackers who may be willing to pay the sum may gain access to huge personal information and do a lot of damages for a long time to come.

We still don’t know how LinkedIn is dealing with this issue yet. Maybe there is little the social network can do now that the information is in the open space. Hackers may have already had access to massive amounts of information that enables spam, endless phishing attacks, or eventual access to more sensitive data related to email.

CyberNews helps LinkedIn users know where they are by promoting a personal data leak checker, which we don’t endorse for anyone at present. Anyone who wishes could make use of it. Click here to see the leak checker.

The company said it has been able to use this tool to confirm that 780,000 of its own emails had been leaked through this LinkedIn hack.

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