iphone game 1
iphone game 1

You can work all day but how about time to relax? Games can actually help you do that amongst also entertaining you. Get your blood pumping and your fingers excited with this genre of games – Action games. iPhones and iPads are optimized to give a good gaming experience. Find below our 5 best picks of action games for iOS.

5 Top Android Games for iOS

  1. Transformers: Forged to Fight

This game involves you helping Optimus Prime fight corrupted Transformers to save and protect them from their ruthless overlords. Upon defeating a robot, the robot will join your cause whether they’re Autobots or Decepticons. The game features excellent graphics as they are of console-quality and is a good recommendation for players that love fighting games. It gives you a nice gameplay feel with its intuitive touch control.

  1. Zenonia 5

This game is most similar to a classic film in which an hero rises from the ruins to fight the corrupted rich. It is a game that involves you showcasing your powers by fighting the ones who look down on the poor making it an action RPG (role-playing game). The game contains four unique heroes named Wizard, Paladin, Mechanic, and Berserker. You can make your heroes more powerful by customizing them.


  1. Bladebound 4

Bladebound is one our best picks. Bladebound is a top-down, dungeon crawler with fast-paced, hack-and-slash sword play. The game involves you playing the hero who has a task of bringing light back to the world. The game comes with thousands of battle attack combinations as a dark and dynamic role-playing game. Bladebound operates on a solid, story-driven plot, and excellent, console-quality graphics.


  1. Into the Dead 2

This is a terrifying first-person running game that mixes elements of running with the zombie game. The gameplay involves you traveling a certain distance and making it safely day so that you can progress to the next level which is unlike its predecessor. Surviving as long as you can is the objective of the game and you have to do this without being hurt by the legions of undead that stand between you and your family.


  1. Gangster New Orleans

Gangster New Orleans is a wonderful action adventure. You are to defend your turfs and raid others in the game. Get into a fight with your opponents and defeat them to claim your turfs. You have customization settings at your disposal to create a dynamic character. The game gives you the ability to equip and evolve different weapons to give your enemies defeat.


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