5 Energizer Phones with Best Battery Power 4000MAH – 18000MAH


Battery power is one thing that smartphone buyers care about so much and this is true when you think of Energizer phones. Who knows? One day, you could be out in the fields and be delayed for almost a day without the opportunity to charge, or you could be travelling a long distance during which the privilege to charge your phone may not be available. Some Energizer smartphones make fans proud at the power department. They are not many that have been released in 2021. Let’s take a look at five of these.

Energizer Power Max P18K Pop


The Max P18K Pop edition as well as others reviewed below have been released in 2021. The battery power is a whopping 18000 mAh and people often compare the phone as having five batteries in one. We can’t tell you just how much this kind of battery will carry you but you know that it can really carry far. Worth mentioning also is the System on Chip (SoC) which is the latest MediaTek Helio P70 which was released after the P60. Many smartphone manufacturers are making use of the latest P70. Want to buy it? The official price is $289.99.

Energizer Hardcase H570S

Now, this Hardcase H570S comes as two variants smartphone but I like you to have in mind the higher selling version as you read this review. This smartphone arrived with Li-Po 6500 mAh strong battery that can provide backup for more than two days. This don’t count when your smartphone has lived for more than a year. The higher priced version of this mobile device sells for $159 while the other sells for less than $100.

Energizer Hardcase H591S

This one was almost forgotten and had to be infused in this article. People love it most for its 6GB of RAM and the internal storage is 64GB which avails the user with massive space for use. However, it is good to note that the phone is 5800 mAh Li-Po at the battery department. Even at the high level of space and moderate cameras, this phone sells for $279.


Energizer Power Max P551S

Buyers of the Power Max P551S are very much contented with this smartphone that has 5000 mAh Li-Po battery. It is an Android 8.1 4G Android device. The company regrets that this phone could not arrive as an Android Pie, because it came a little bit too early in the year 2019. Even though this mobile device is carrying around such a powerful battery, it sells for only $99

Energizer Ultimate U620S

The first thing I like to mention about this Ultimate U620S device is the sheer amount memory that the manufacturer has packed into it. As you can see, the RAM is 4GB and the internal storage is 64GB of RAM. As that registers in your mind, know that the battery is 4000 mAh Li-Po powerful for the user. That has been well balanced for the performance. The higher variant sells for $399. Did I hear you say “Ah?”


Did you notice that all the phones outlined above carry with them Lithium Polymer battery types? What is the advantage of that? Li-Po batteries produce higher specific energy than most other types of batteries. If you care so much about battery power when you’re trying to buy a new Energizer phone, here they are. A good one is that they are also the latest smartphones from the stable of Energizer.