Android Apps for Torrenting
Android Apps for Torrenting

Torrenting is used for downloading files most of which are pirated. With torrent platforms, you can get access to large databases of files, full-length movies, software, popular music, books, etc. Many are familiar with torrent websites like BitTorrent, but you can also perform it on your smart device. With the right app, you can search for torrent files and download them easily. We present to you the 5 best torrent apps for Android hand-picked by us.

Best Torrent Apps for Android

1. BitTorrent and µTorrent

BitTorrent and µTorrent are similar with the former being more advanced than the other. They were built by the same developer and you can find them sharing basic set of features. These basic sets of features both possess include choosing your storage location, WiFi only downloading and support for all the same protocols.

µTorrent has all these features but does not proceed in providing advanced features. BitTorrent does more. It provides video torrents by independent artists and also promotes music that are legal. You can use BitTorrent to find music and it is great for torrenting purposes. As for µTorrent, it is simpler in nature.



2. Flud

You get almost all the main features of a torrent client in Flud. The app lets you go around it seamlessly with its clean user interface. There are different protocols that you can utilize like DTH, UPnP, uTP, PeX. Also, there is support for magnet links, RSS feeds, etc.

To download, simply select the necessary files, add torrent to the files, and choose a destination folder. You may decide to download only in the WiFi network, which is possible in Flud, and you can even download files sequentially. Other features that make torrenting great in this app include encryption, IP filtering support, proxy support, etc.


3. tTorrent Lite

tTorrent is also on the list and is a powerful one that works for torrenting. With the app, you can set maximum active downloads, activity seed, download/upload speed limits and search for torrent files. Download on tTorrent is fast as there is no limit to the speed despite the file size.

Additionally, there is support for magnetic links, RSS feeds, WiFi mode, sequentially download and various protocols. tTorrent has a built-in browser and has a feature that enables it to work with other internet browsers. This feature allows files to be downloaded on those recognized internet browsers but only after verification.


4. zetaTorrent

zetaTorrent is one of the best among the rest of Android Torrent Apps. It has the ability to identify torrent files and magnetic links up for download and it does this automatically. There is also a file manager in it and you can do WiFi file transfer.

It has saving options for saving in specific folders, set connection limit, set download/upload bandwidth, enable WiFi-only mode. The in-built browser that it comes with has history options, ad-blocker, and bookmarks. A nice feature it possesses is that it allows you to secure the app with a passcode.


5. aDownloader

aDownloader does what the best torrenting apps do. With it, you can open torrent files transferred from your PC on your Android smartphone. The app alerts you when downloads are completed, thanks to its notification-complex feature. This feature also positions alert notifications in the notification area where other app’s notification are displayed.

Currently, ongoing downloads are shown in a simple list to give you details about what you are doing. The app comes with a file manager to move around directories and files.


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