Staying organized can be a tough thing, and productivity comes from having an organized life. From you washing the dishes to reading a book, having an organization in your life can help you do a more important task when you give priority to them. In the good old days, the paper and pen were the instruments of an organization, but in this digital age, we have many tools and apps to help you stay organized. The Google play store has the plethora of to-do list app, and we feel it may be confusing to make the best option, so we’ve done the hard work of selecting 5 best to do list app for productivity.

5 Best To-Do List App for Android

  1. Google Tasks

Google tasks is a simple app for to-do list purposes. Is a well-designed app with minimalistic skin which does what it is meant to do and nothing else. With it, tasks can be created; the description can be added with subtask too. They appear in a bulleted list form, and when you feel the time is right, you can mark each subtask as complete. You can also set a due date for the main task.


  1. Todoist

Todoist sits at the top of the numerous to-do apps that are available. It employs Material Design to bring out an intuitive and easy to navigate user interface that makes you have access to plenty of options for your task. On the app, it is possible to separate your list out by projects and utilize filters to view the lists that you need to access at a go. It also provides you with a calendar that allows you to see your task for the upcoming week with a daily tab also.


  1. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is similar to other to-do apps, but the difference here is that the developer gives it better user experience. Photos, videos, presentations, and notes can be attached to this app. A great feature is an ability for you to collaborate with family and friend to do tasks. The app brings to you handy syncing which allows you to make edit of documents and notes in real time. You can organize your life and contents better with folders which can be created within the Wunderlists app.


  1. TickTick

Tick tick features collaboration which allows multiple users to edit a document or modify it, which is best for a business setting as it saves precious time. The calendar view gives you a detailed glimpse of your past or future appointment along with reminders. It offers you convenience by allowing you to sync with other third-party calendars. You can also add photos and other attachments to notes, and use the widget function to allow you get a first-hand look at all your notes and reminders.


  1. Any.do

This is an app whose goal is to keep you in the organized state through to-do lists while delivering an excellent experience doing that. Multiple records can be added and customized with the tasks you need to complete. If you sign into your Google Account, Any.do will link up with Google calendar so that you have everything in one place.


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