5 best Speed ​​Tests in 2022


In this guide, we have listed the best Wi-Fi and mobile speed tests that will help you measure your internet connection speed.



If you need to check the internet connection by carrying out tests, you should know that there are several online tools that allow you to check the connection speed of your network (fiber or ADSL) and mobile (GPRS / GSM / EDGE). This will allow you to find drawbacks and verify whether the download (data download speed) and upload (data upload speed) values are actually those declared by the provider in the contract you signed.

The best Speed ​​Tests

Here are the best free speed tests to see how fast you are going online. Check carefully the Mpbs value obtained in the download, as it expresses the real performance of your online browsing. On the contrary, the Mbps upload values ​​indicate the sending of files.

1. Speedtest.net by Ookla

Speedtest Net By Ookla
Speedtest Net By Ookla

SpeedTest.net  is a free online service offered by Ookla. The interface is not as intuitive as SOSTariffe and could be complex for those who are not a computer expert or are just starting out. Having said that, by accessing the site you will immediately be shown- IP address, connection server and the ability to download native apps on Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, Chrome, Apple TV and CLI.

To perform an Internet connection test, just press the central GO button and wait for the Download, Upload and Ping Mbps values. In addition, you will be provided with the name of the provider and the ability to report and view currently existing anomalies. Overall a truly complete service.


2. Google

Google Speed ​​test
Google Speed ​​test

By typing in the Google search bar “Speed ​​test” you will see the Big G Internet Speed ​​Test. It is a tool that checks your connection speed in less than 30 seconds. To test you have to do is press the button “

Run speed test and get the results of the values Download and Upload your connection including millisecond latency. The lower the latency value, the better your connection will be while playing online or during a video call.

3. My-IP.it

My-ip.it is an online service widely used to obtain the IP address of your Internet connection in real-time. Its Speed ​​Test allows you to check the speed of your Fiber or ADSL line of any Italian or foreign operator (Vodafone, Fastweb, Tiscali, etc.). Pressing the GO button, in the center of the page, a test will be started where the tool will measure the ping and the actual download and upload speed of your connection.

Warning- before carrying out the test, the site recommends closing all other browser windows.

4. Fast.com

Fast By Netflix
Fast By Netflix

Fast.com provides an estimate of your ISP speed within seconds. You do not need to press any button, by accessing the website you will immediately get the answers about the connection speed of your network in download, upload, latency, the server and the ability to save the results obtained.

5. Vodafone Internet Speed ​​test

Vodafone Internet Speed ​​test
Vodafone Internet Speed ​​test

Speed ​​test Vodafone measures the speed of ADSL and fiber in an easy and free way. To carry out the test, you must press the Start button and check the potential and performance of your line. The values ​​obtained are the same as for the other Speed ​​tests- download, upload, ping and jitter.


App to do Speed ​​Test on smartphone

The websites indicated also work from smartphones and tablets. However, if you want dedicated Android or iOS apps, I recommend the following:


Speedtest.net (Android and iPhone)

mobile speed test

Speedtest.net is an app for Android and iOS considered the number one for testing internet speed. You can find out your download, upload and ping in real-time and view coverage maps of the mobile operator. Using it you will solve the connection speed problems promised by the ISP.

WiFi Speed ​​Test (Android)

free adsl test


WiFi Speed ​​Test is an app for Android that measures the speed of the Wi-Fi network and the LAN network. Performs network, router, TCP, UDP speed tests and more. The tested data is automatically saved and can be easily shared.

Why do the ADSL and Fiber Optic speedtest?

There are many reasons that should push you to take the speed test, that is the speed test of your Internet connection. Let’s see them:

  • In the event that one of your devices is infected with spyware or malware, the correct functioning of your fiber or ADSL connection could be compromised.
  • If your Wi-Fi is on and someone was able to connect with your password, with the speed test you could check the response times and the connection speed and check for possible slowdowns on the connection speed.
  • Through the speed test on a weekly basis, you can check if speed problems persist and then contact the ISP (Internet Service Provider) to resolve them.