5 Best phones for Night Photos 2023

Most of us can’t help taking photos at night. Granted, we would love to snap all our pictures in excellent light but sometimes, even the most privileged of us have to do with taking night photos. In this article, I will be highlighting the five best phones that people are buying now and that are very good for taking pictures in low-light conditions.

Let me first give you the names of the phones before we take a cursory look at each one of them.

  1. Huawei P30 Pro                           59
  2. Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G  59
  3. Google Pixel 3                   49
  4. Xiaomi Mi 9                     48 
  5. LG G8                          44

So that is it. I have decided to pick multiple brands so we can have varieties. Some of these smartphone makers have several phones to their names in 2023 and the smartphones are good for taking night-time pictures. Huawei is one.

Thanks to the guys at DxOMark for making the job easier. They developed a new method for adding two new score for each phones that you see in this list. These are night for dedicated low-light modes and wide for ultra-wide lenses.

While the Wide score is said to be in response to the ultra-wide camera modules being introduced in smartphones over the past few years, the night score covers the rise of computational photography techniques. These techniques bring further technologies to newer phones.

Now, let’s take these phones one by one.

Huawei P30 Pro

This device scores a high rating of 59. How did it achieve this? It is seen that Huawei did a good job of producing good target exposure and punchy contrast when it comes to low-light levels. Even at near darkness when other phones present only blackness, this smartphone is able to produce well-exposed images.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G

According to Samsung, this phone comes with Wide-angle camera that auto-adjusts to the surrounding light. The smartphone has F1.5 mode and this one brings light into dark scenes. The F2.4 mode helps to keep things sharp in bright daylight and during the night the Night Mode brightens up the super low light scenes in a way that many other phones can’t.

Google Pixel 3

Google enters our list because it has also made a fantastic phone to revolutionize low light and nighttime photography. Of course, you may have witnessed this nighttime performance yourself. It is even said without Night Sight option, this device is able to produce top quality low light photos.

Xiaomi Mi 9

In fact, this is the most interesting facet of this smartphone. The company experimented with this and it became a winner. The 48 MP primary sensor made headlines not only because of its power by day but also because of its power by night. This phone’s F1.75 aperture is really powerful.


This phone features two cameras but it is the 16 MP ultra-wide angle sensor that does the magic. Also, LG’s AI Cam gives automated scene detection that alters settings and image processing. The rating for this is 44 and it is the least among the phones here.

Last Word

These are not the only good camera phones for snapping pictures in low light conditions. There are others as well. But if you’re looking to buy a phone in 2023 that has top quality when it comes to taking pictures in the night; if you pick any of these, you’re in the right path.

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