Electric Bikes are now popular and are a fast and no-cost mode of transportation. They are good for health and not associated with those problems that standard bikes have like pedaling-induced stress, knee pain, climbing heights, etc. What you find in electric bikes include rechargeable batteries, a motor, smart sensors, and a throttle. Whether you want to get to the nearest coffee shop or even work, the electric bikes listed here will take you where you want.

Best Electric Bikes

  1. Aceshin 26” Electric Mountain Bike

Ascshin is known for quality and durability when it comes to their bikes. Aceshin produces a number of bikes but the 26-inch Electric Mountain Bike is one of its high-end bikes. The bike features 3 modes. It can be rode purely by the human legs, it has the pedal-assist mode and finally the e-bike mode. The pedal assist combines the e-bike (in which the motor moves the bike) and the regular mode (the human legs pedaling).

The bike is built to have a 3-speed smart meter button control to dictate the mode you want to switch to. For safety purposes, a disk brake is installed at the front and rear. It has a 36V 8Ah battery which in pedal-assist mode can move the bike up to 50km. The battery requires 4-6 hours of plugging to a power source to be fully charged.


2. Rad Power Bikes RadRunner

The Rad Power Bikes RadRunner is also one of the best electric bikes to buy in 2020. This one is versatile among the e-bikes you find in the market. It mixes affordability with usefulness thus its versatility. The RadRunner is Rad latest hefty utility commuter ebike. It has a 120-pound rear rack and big, stable, custom Kenda tires. For those that are new to bikes, there’s an easy step-through frame and premium trimmings that’s just like Tektro hydraulic brakes. Though very great to use, it’s very expensive.


3. Gocycle GX

This is a bike that is great to ride and easy to fold up. The bike is interesting and fun to ride too. A con, however, is that it does not fold neatly as some of the more foldable e-bikes. It is built with three gears, variable assistance and with Gocycle’s handy app, you can switch its kicking power. With your phone, you have control over the bike through Gocycle’s handy app.

The engineers made sure that the bike is equipped with ample power by the tweaks of the power delivery algorithms and torque sensors. The lighting needs are in the care of by a super bright front LED lightbar and a rear lamp that gets power from the main battery.


4. Civia Parkway Step-Thru

The Civia Parkway Step-Thru is another e-Bike for cycling. Its Bosch Active Line motor gives the bike pedal assist up to 20mph. Its large battery as said by the manufacturer can last 30 miles to a whopping 110 miles and this value depends on the e-assist mode, speed, terrain, rider weight, and cargo. The machine got 26-inch wheels, 2-inch tires, round aluminum tubes, a swept-back handlebar, Shimano Sora 9-speed components, and an 11-32 cassette and coupled with motor, battery, and Purion display, it is a powerful bike.


5. emdaot 26” Electric Mountain Bike

This is a mountain bike from emadaot, makers of bikes and other home equipment. The operational modes supported on this bike are manual pedaling, pedal-assist, and full-power/pure-electric. The 21-speed gear built with it gives it the fast-cycling speed and hassle-free movement uphill.

The bike is lightweight at about 20kg and this is due to it being built by durable aluminum alloy material. For durability and speed, the rims of the wheel are double-walled. The battery of the 36V 8AH  rating can let the bike cycle for 15-30 miles at Max speed. This battery charges fully in 4-6 hours.


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