Building Games for iPhone
Building Games for iPhone

If you fantasize about building houses or cities, then building games may be for you. With them, you can build the house of your dream or even an empire. You are provided with the resources to make your city or building look great. You’d be tasked with constructing infrastructures and seeing to the welfare of the city. You’ll also have a huge part to play in the prosperity of the city. If you want games that give you fun and make you busy, check out these 5 best building games for iOS.

Best Building Games for iOS

  1. The Simpsons

The Simpsons is a building game for iPhone which provides funny gameplay. Many tools are available in the game to help you create a great lifestyle. However, you’ll have to start from scratch after cleaning up the mess. Begin the game by gathering your favourite characters and let the residents and their loved ones have a reunion. Your characters have to be well dressed and that’s your responsibility. Take charge of Springfield and grow and expand businesses and the town in general. You also have to provide security for your town against the Halloween monster invasions.


2. Township: Farm & City Building

This one is based on farming. Township has your building your city as well as letting you farm. The produce from your farm can be processed and sold in exchange for rewards. You can utilize these rewards to make your town better and trade with neighbours. Restaurants, theatres, and other buildings can be built in the town to improve life there. There’s a mine with hidden artifacts that can serve as resources. The town can also have a zoo built-in so that animals can be bred.


3. Virtual City Playground HD

This is another building game suitable for iPhone and iPad devices. In this game, you are to build a city and do everything possible to run it. It features excellent graphics, great mechanics and it has good gameplay. You’ll have the tasks of managing budgets, maintenance, and other building stuff. It is a free game with in-app purchases and is a great game overall.


4. Townsmen

You have nice options to build up a small village into a great empire I’m Townsmen. It has intriguing gameplay set in medieval times. You have the responsibility of tackling a complex economy and production chains. You not only have to do this, but you also have to take care of unexpected disasters like disease, fire, and drought that may terminate your plans. You’ll need strategies to overcome the challenges the game presents. Overall, we recommend this game as one of the best building game.


5. Fallout Shelter

Though old, but Fallout is still a great building game and if you’re a Fallout series fan, you’ll enjoy it. Updates and improvements keep coming from the developer, Bethesda. The game has you taking control of an underground tech vault. What you have to do is to build the Vault and make its inhabitants pleased. You have to provide them with safety from the dangers ensuing from the Wasteland of the Fallout world. You have the responsibilities of providing weapons, clothes, jobs and train the Dwellers for the Wasteland.


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