Board Games for Ipad
Board Games for Ipad

Games are the way we make use of our time in exciting ways. Going through the 9-5 schedule weekly can drain one and by just gaming with friends or family is a good way to unwind. Board games have been in existence for a long time and they can be played among a group. With the iPhone and iPad adding value to mobile gaming, board games have found their way there. Here we list 5 best board games for iOS devices.

Best Board Games for iOS

  1. Catan Universe

Catan Universe is a popular board game that can be played on your iDevice. The goal in Catan is to save and compete against others to secure the island of Catan, settle there and become the Lord or Lady of the island first. There are resources that you can make use of to enable you to get the lands you want and have many materials to conquer others that are in the race with you.

The game will enable you to build your own territory. The player with the highest point is the winner of the game. This interesting game is a mix of a board game and card game so it’s a great combo.


2. Yellow & Yangtze

Dire Wolf Digital made this one and its source material is one of Dr. Reiner Knizia’s classics. In Yellow & Yangtze,  you play as a warlord in the embattled States times of Ancient China. It is a points-based Euro game and an abstract civilization building strategy game.

The game has its graphics in 3D with beautiful interfaces and design. It features a single-player campaign categorized into nine stages. These stages have their own unique rules and is a way to either learn or try something different.


3. Carcassonne

We added Carcassonne to this list because it is very popular and it is an excellent game. In Carcassonne, you must create a town by positioning the “Meeples” on the tile. If you’re able to do this and follow all the rules, you become the ruler of a kingdom.

You get points by creating entire kingdoms, completing roads and protecting the Abbey’s. If you’re able to secure the highest point when all tiles are laid down, you are the winner. The game needs you to plan properly and have a strategy. Different playing mode includes the pass-and-play style, go head-to-head against the AI, and online play.


4. Raiders of the North Sea

In this Euro-style Victory points game, Raisers, you are required to get resources, form a crew and go a-Viking. The game originates from the Viking Age. You only have one worker to play and once played, you are to select another worker from the board. There are different levels of workers that are unlockable and they do different things.

The design is made in 3D effects and animations and everything is brilliant. The multiplayer mode can allow you to play both live and asynchronous matches. It also features pass-and-play local multiplayer as well.


5. Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens is a board game and is available for iPhone and iPad users. This game can be played among 2-5 people and can be played on multiple devices in the same room or online. You can also play alone through the single-player mode. The goal of the game is for everyone to draw cards ensuring they don’t draw the Exploding Kitten. If they happen to draw the Exploding Kitten, they are “dead” and are removed from the game. If only you can get the Defuse card, you’ll remain in the game.


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