With almost everything going digital, religion too is going is going digital. Traditionally, the Bible is read in a physical book but in modern times as things are changing, one can now read the Bible in a digital format. Bible apps makes this achievable with features that aid easy reference and study. There are many Bible Apps present on the Google Play Store but choosing the best one can be daunting and here we have them, so read below.

Best Bible Apps For your Android

  1. Audible

This app is one of the popular audio book platform. It’s main focus is in books read by a human voice. The platform contains a few variety of editions of the Bible you can make your choice from . With the app, you can listen to the Bible anywhere you are. It can be read in your home, the car, or even while taking a walk. It may not be able to replace your physical copy of the book though. However, we found it to be one if the better Bible apps for you.


  1. Bible

Religious people can not do without the Bible. This app has an audio version of the Bible and an electronic-printed version. In both cases, the whole text remains the same as the original, without any amendment. If you live a religious lifestyle, but also modern, you have have this app download to your device right now. Almost one hundred and fifty languages, is the Bible in this app written in, so any person from any country can use it. It is a free-to-use app too. In the app, you can change font size and it feature two color schemes, a convenient system for navigating through books and sections, the ability to highlight verses or citations with color.


  1. Olive Tree Bible+

Our searches for the best Bible Apps for you  led us to this wonderful tool for study, memorization, devotions, and almost anything that concerns giving you a great Bible reading experience. This Bible app has a very readable and clean interface. On this intuitive app, you can highlight with customized highlighters, take notes with customized fonts and vary text sizes. This will cause you to drastically transform the mood by changing the font and color schemes to whatever you find most readable, and even make customisations on the gestures to make navigation in the app easy with your reading habits in mind.


  1. Bible App for Kids

Yes, it is what you read. The Bible App for Kids is a Bible app for little children. It is part of the many apps in the YouVersion Bible suite that’s is getting popular. The app is one that allows kids to play through an interactive adventure that enlightens then more about the Bible, events that happens there, and the people from it. It also features challenges, fun cartoons, and other stuff. It is free-to-use without in-app purchases. You should get this one for you child.


  1. MyBible

MyBible is another great Bible app for Christians. The Bible is one with a lot of different settings: display, language, setting up of swipes and touches, and much more. To make it easy to use, the developers added detailed instructions, which you can reading before using the app. It is recommended that you read it to avoid issues in the future. It is very interesting to note that MyBible app works offline and does not require internet connectivity for you to read. The only time when a network connection is needed is when you’re downloading the version in the language of your choice. The app also has a wonderful filter useful for searches of necessary chapter, verse and keywords.


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