Alternative to Bookzz
Alternative to Bookzz

These days we don’t have to visit the library or buy physical books as eBooks are a convenient medium of gaining knowledge. All thanks to technology, we can read these electronic books on our smartphones. Bookzz was a web library for eBook lovers with its huge database, but it doesn’t exist anymore as a result of its involvement in privacy and copyright issues. It was taken down and since then, users have been asking for alternatives to it. We present to you here the 5 best alternatives to the once-popular

Best Alternative sites to

  1. Open Library

The goal of Open Library is to have a web library of every book ever published. It is a good alternative to Bookzz and is great for getting free ebooks. The books listed in the library are sectioned into different categories such as science, fiction, non-fiction, magazines. It is open to corrections from users. If you need its API for your project or big data, you are encouraged to search for the Open Library API. You can read online and download books conveniently. Statistics shows that the web library has had over 4,791,095 unique visitors, 29,719 new members, 64,353 catalogue edit, 581 listen created and 107,494 eBooks removed.

  1. B-ok

B-ok is also a great website like Bookzz. With a massive number of materials numbering 4,842,704 books and 74,971,965 articles, this ebook site has information to satisfy your curiosity. Built by Z-Library, the platform hosts new books and articles uploaded daily. Its user interface is excellent with a responsive layout. Searching for an eBook can be done easily by either selecting the eBook category, language or author. ISBN is employed on the platform to locate books easily.

  1. ManyBooks

ManyBooks is also an eBook site that exists on the web. It is also an eBook library like Bookzz. Over 150,000 books are in the library database and you can read and download them conveniently. ManyBooks has a clean interface with eBooks arranged in different categories based on field and area of interest. A great way to search out any book you want to download is by typing in the search box the name of the eBook alongside its author and year of production.

  1. Booksc

Booksc holds the record as the world’s largest scientific articles library with over 50,000,000 materials for free. Since 2009, the organization behind the platform has provided 2,784,195 books and 52,429,917 articles at no cost. It is developed with a good search feature so that you can find books easily. If you want to donate, the site can let you sign in to do this to improve their services.

  1. BookBoon

Last but not the least Bookzz alternative is BookBoon. Featuring an attractive design, BookBoon is a top-notch eBook publishing network. Reports show that an estimated 50 million eBooks were downloaded in the year 2015. The company behind BookBoon project was founded in 1988 in the UK and reached the world after being launched in 2005. You can download eBooks from the site at no cost. Searching for eBooks is not difficult as the website has an easy-to-use search bar.

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