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This article is about awesome apps for writing on your Android device in 2021. If you live by long to-do lists and perhaps you have many Post to write. You can use these apps to keep track of all your writings.

While your Android tablet might have all the applications you want to get work done, you also need a good accessible writing application to make and store these useful bits of writings on the go. Feel free to choose any one of our picks of 2018’s awesome writing apps for Android and tablets. These apps will help you to take your efficiency level to bigger heights.



1. JotterPad

The first on our list is JotterPad, this app is one of the most downloaded writing applications for Android tablets in the world. It is an awesome multi-lingual writing application that lets you create notes in another language such as Spanish, French and more. This app is more like standard word editors, JotterPad’s word editor gives word character counts, paragraph and lets you change font styles. The app also allows you to add images.

JotterPad lets you arrange your files into different folders, and sync them with cloud storage services like Google Drive. These writings can also be shared in DOCX, PDF, TXT and different formats. With a reasonable in-app purchase you can access the dictionary and thesaurus.

Download JotterPad

2. iA Writer

the second writing app on our list is iA Writer. One of the features you observe on the iA Writer is that it has swipe gestures, this lets you toggle between the different screens on the application. Another aspect is the private section which lets you create private and sensitive files and make them secured for your eyes only. This writing application comes with a standard editing feature. It also has a free built-in dictionary.

It lets you export files in various formats such as HTML, PDF, DOCX and many more. It also allows you to connect to WordPress account and post directly from the application to your website. Other features are Night Mode, Spell Check, and Word Count.


Download iA Writer

3. Monospace

Monospace is a straightforward highly efficient writing application. Its exceptional organizing feature lets you organize your files in many formats using hashtags, where each folder is given a hashtag, and folders inside folders are given numerous hashtags.

Another notable feature is the “Auto-Name” which on selecting this option, the application names the file according to the time and date you create it.


Download Monospace

  1. INKredible

INKredible allows you to use your finger, your tablet’s keyboard or your stylus to make notes on the application. The app also has an auto-save feature which will make sure you don’t lose your files.

Download INKredible

5. Writer Plus

This writing application takes a good organization to the next level by adding shortcuts to deliver its diverse formatting selection. This app is one of the writing applications for android tablets


These are some of the features of the app, it has double asterisks make bold, Asterisks italicize, while hashtags describe the size of the headers of your notes and bigger than sign adds quotes.

Download Writer Plus