5 Android apps to check air flights

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Nowadays, developers create a flood of software to use on our smartphones. Among the many functions that they perform, however, there are some particularly useful- there are, for example, Android apps to manage their travels, but also more specific software, even to control flights and to better manage travel to they connected. Indeed, smartphones can be a considerable helpful in this regard.

Android app to check air flights? Here are the best around!

Whether you have a stopover or are waiting for the arrival of a relative, with the applications described in this article you can always have the situation under control, knowing any delays or problems related to flights.


But be careful- not all the apps described here are free. Whether their use is worth the expense or not, depends a lot on the frequency of use that you think you make or, more simply, your personal tastes.

FlightAware Flight best Tracker

The first app on which we focus is called FlightAer Flight Tracker . This software can keep you updated on flights in different ways- for example, you can get all kinds of information about a particular flight such as route, altitude, origin, destination and even the gate number. Attention, at the moment the majority of information is however exclusively focused on flights to and from Canada and the United States.

Among the interesting features we can mention the one that allows you to find the flights around you with the function Near me in the app settings. To do this, touch the airplane figure and get flight data such as arrival time, destination, flight time and more.

You can also view flight information for individuals, and charter planes and flight notices can also be sent to another person (although to do so you will need to grant the app permission to access your contacts).

Flightradar24 Flight Tracker

With this software you can search for flights by route, airline, airport and proximity. FlightRadar24 allows you to search by airport, you can get information such as those shown on the map, show the arrival, departure, the weather and even the aircraft on the ground. You can choose between different types of maps and get more specific information on the various flights.

It should be noted that the app is not completely free- with the basic plan (which only allows flight monitoring in real time) you do not have the costs, but the silver plans ($ 1.48 per month) and gold ( $ 3.90 a month) offer more features like ATC boundaries, aeronautical charts and much more.


FlightStats does not have all the features of other Android apps to control flights, keeping a lower profile, with more sobriety and simplicity. This software allows you to track flights based on the number, the airports involved or depending on the route.

To search by flight, you will need information such as airline, flight number and date. To find an airport flight, you need to know the name of the flight, the date of the flight and the airline involved. To find the flight via the route, you will need to enter the departure airport, the arrival airport, the flight date and the airline.


You can also keep information about your particular flight in a special form for easy access to it. In the tab dedicated to the airports instead, it is possible to obtain information such as possible delays as well as the local date and time. You can share this information with other people by selecting the sharing option at the top right.

Flight Flight Status Track and Airport Flight Board

Flight Flight Status Track and Airport Flight Board is a much more colorful and appealing app compared to many others of this kind. It allows you to make predictions on the landing of a flight and represents each aircraft with a different color depending on the altitude reached.

By tapping on an airplane in the radar you will get information such as distance, speed, direction and altitude, all in real time. By swiping to the right from the left side of the display, you can save the information regarding your airline tickets to have these data always under control.

In the Airport option (available in the menu) it is possible to obtain general flight information even without entering the specific flight number. The app will guide you on how you can use this feature to the fullest.



With RadarBox you get what every flight app should offer- general flight information such as coordinates, route, scheduled landing time and journey length.

Just below the flight number, you can see how much it sends to the landing. While watching a plane on the radar, there is also an option to follow it and keep it under control. You can view the radar for free with two different modes- a classic classic and a darker one. Of note the presence of other options such as hybrid satellite and SkyVector hi / low / vfr, which work only by subscribing to the app.

The RadarBox service is also available directly on the website, so you do not need to install an app to take a look at this service to say the least interesting.