4 New Features Coming to WhatsApp in 2021


Surely, the tech world will see new improvements this year. One platform that will receive attention regarding this is WhatsApp. There are cool new features coming to the app soon. There is no doubt that users will love every bit of these new features.

The four features- Mute video, desktop and web calling, read later, and multi-device support may not be the only features coming to the app in 2021. The company also made it known that the features will be available both in iOS and Android versions.

Let’s examine each of these features one by one.

Mute Video

This feature will allow the app users to mute video content before sending it to a contact or adding it to their status updates. There will be a small sound icon presented when uploading a video to WhatsApp. The icon can be muted or unmute, depending on what the uploader wants. The feature is already available in the beta version of WhatsApp for Android.

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Desktop and Web Calling

This is a long-anticipated feature to be introduced to WhatsApp desktop and web applications. There is no need to worry if all you need is for it to be on your phones. If you make use of WhatsApp web, this new addition can make life easier. Web-users of the app will soon see the icons for audio and video calls on their desktop computers, with a ‘beta’ label to reflect the current state of development.

Read Later

This new ‘read Later’ feature will replace Archived Chats on the app. It will include a new Vacation Mode functionality which helps you to see archived chats even when new messages arrive. But when a chat is placed in the Read Later section, no notifications from the chat can pop up. This section will be accessible from the main chat list.

Multi-device Support

This feature will allow a user to login to WhatsApp from four different devices at the same time. Also, the requirement that an internet connection must be available on the registered smartphone will no longer be necessary. In that way, no one will need to connect to a desktop app from an internet-enabled smartphone. Independently, the WhatsApp account of a user can be connected from any four devices.

All these changes are expected to start this year.