3C Hub Mobile Phone Price Range in Nigeria

3C Hub is the largest high ranking digital products retail store providing affordable goods of multiple brands to Nigerians. The outlet prides itself on the high-tech and fashion trends to satisfy the needs and wants of customers nationwide.

The name 3C stands for Confidence, Convenient, Comfortable. All these positive reassurances also warm the brand into the hearts of the customers who desire best shopping experience in Africa.

As the fastest growing phones store on the African continent, 3C Hub has multiple offices and shops in Nigeria. These enable customers to show up at any time and request for products at cheaper prices. Find below all phone prices in 3C Hub shops in line with their corresponding brand names.

3C Hub Phone Price List In Nigeria

If you’re looking for cheapest phones to buy, look no further. 3C Hub got you covered and guarantees not only affordability but also comfortability.

During promotion periods, 3C Hub is also known to give customers different types of gifts, that means the more you patronize them, the more you can benefit.

You can find below the list of 3C Hub phones and all their prices. Please note that the prices here are based on ranges. Hence, they are enlisted to guide the buyer on what to expect and to avoid unexpected shock when they discover that what they wanted to buy is way more expensive.

However, we wish to state that prices may not be exactly the same as you find on this page. This is due to location and inconsistencies in Naira and Dollar rates. In other words, we acknowledge that these price ranges are also subject to market forces which makes prices rise or fall at any moment in time.

tecno m7


3C Hub Tecno Smartphone Prices

Tecno Y2 N16,500 – N17,500

Tecno 7E N48,000 – N50,000

Tecno 7C Pro N35,500 – N37,000

Tecno C7 N45,000 – N47,000

Phantom 5 N50,000 – N55,000

Phantom 6 N60,000 – N65,000

Phantom 6 Plus N101,000 – N108,000

Tecno J8 N54,000 – N56,000

Tecno 8D N55,000 – N57,000

Tecno L8 N38,500 – N39,000

Tecno L8 Plus N42,000 – N43,000

Tecno C9 N58,000 – N60,000

Tecno C8 N46,,000 – N48,000

Tecno W3 LTE N29,300 – N30,000

Tecno W2 N21,500 – N22,000

Tecno W3 N24,800 – N26,000

Tecno W4 N29,800 – N34,000

Tecno T427 N7,000 – N9,000

Tecno T470 N6,000 – N7,000

Tecno T464 N5,700 – N6,000

Tecno T733 N6,800 – N7,000

Tecno T349 N3,800 – N4,000

Tecno T410 N5,500 – N6,000

Tecno T483 N8,000 – N9,000

Tecno T528 N8,000 – N9,000

Tecno T431 N4,900 – N5,500

Tecno T350 N4,400 – N5,000

Tecno T484 N8,000 – N9,000

Tecno T401 N5,600 – N6,500

Tecno T472 N7,000 – N8,000

3C Hub Price Range For Infinix Phones

Infinix Note 3 (2GB) N59,400 – N64,000

Infinix Note 2 (1GB) N39,500 – N52,000

Infinix Zero 3 (X552 64GB) N65,000 – N67,000

Infinix Zero 3 (X552) N59,000 – N65,000

Infinix X554 (2GB) N34,000 – N37,000

Infinix X551 Hot S N51,000 – N55,000

Infinix X557 Hot 4 N39,000 – N43,000

itel s13

3C Hub Itel Phones Price

Itel 1505 N21,500 – N23,000

Itel Prime 2 N27,000 – N29,000

Itel 1408 N14,000 – N16,000

Itel 1407 N12,800 – N14,000

Itel 1409 N14,000 – N16,000

Itel 1508 N18,000 – N20,000

Itel 1551 N22,500 – N24,000

Itel 1556 N22,800 – N24,000

Itel 1507 N20,000 – N22,000

Itel 6910 N7,500 – N9,000

Itel 1508 N18,000 – N20,000

Itel 1550 N26,000 – N28,000

Itel 1701 N24,000 – N26,000

Itel 6900 N6,500 – N8,000

Itel 1503 N17,000 – N19,000

Itel1507 N20,000 – N22,000

Itel 1506 N18,000 – N20,000

Itel 1502 N18,000 – N20,000

Itel 1551 N22,500 – N24,000

Itel 1550 N26,000 – N27,000

Itel 2560 N6,300 – N8,000

Itel 2090 N6,700 – N8,000

Itel 2180 N3,500 – N5,000

samsung galaxy a7 2018 front and back

3C Hub Samsung Phones Prices

Samsung A310 N82,000 – N84,000

Samsung A5 N86,000 – N88,000

Samsung Tab 4 N57,000 – N60,000

Samsung Grand Neo+ N42,000 – N45,000

Samsung Grand Prime N47,800 – N49,000

Samsung ACE (SM-J11OH N29,000 – N30,000

Samsung Galaxy S6 DUOS N141,000 – N143,000

Samsung Galaxy Trend Lite 2 N22,500 – N24,000

Samsung Galaxy Core 11 N25,000 – N27,000

Samsung Core Prime N37,500 – N39,000

Samsung J100h N25,000 – N26,000

Samsung S90 N37,000 – N39,000

Samsung S90 N37,000 – N39,000

Samsung Galaxy S60 N22,,500 – N24,000

Samsung J2 N41,000 – N43,000

Samsung J1 Mini N25,500 – N27,000

Samsung J500H N52,500 – N53,000

Samsung J700H N72,000 – N74,000

Samsung Ace4-g316 N19,000 – N21,000

Samsung Galaxy-J1Ace N26,000 – N28,000

Samsung Ace4neo N26,000 – N28,000

Samsung-S6 Edge + (32GB) N235,500 – N237,700

Samsung –S6 Edge + (64GB) N256,000 – N260,000

Samsung-S6 Edge – (32GB) N185,000 – N186,000

Samsung-S6 Edge – (64GB) N197,000 – N199,000

Samsung-S7 N204,900 – N205,000

Samsung-S7 Edge (G935) N239,800 – N240,000

Samsung Tab A6 N54,500 – N56,000

Samsung Note 5 (920) N211,000 – N212,000

huawei honor 9i
huawei honor 9i

3C Hub Huawei Phones Prices

Huawei Mate 7 N113,5000 – N115,000

Huawei Y5C N23,500 – N25,000

Huawei Honor 3X N50,000 – N52,000

Huawei Y520 N15,000 – N17,000

Huawei Y3 N18,500 – N20,000

Huawei Honor 4C N49,000 – N51,000

Huawei Honor 3C Lite N35,000 – N37,000

Huawei Y625 N25,000 – N27,000

Huawei Media Pad M1 N51,000 – N53,000

Huawei Media Pad 10 Link+ N47,500 – N49,000

Huawei P 8 (16GB) N115,000 – N170,000

Huawei P8 (64GB)

Huawei P8 Lite N60,000 – N62,000

Huawei Honor 4C N49,000 – N51,000

Huawei Honor 3C Lite N35,000 – N37,000

Huawei Media Pad 7 Youth 2 N27,500 – N29,000

Huawei Media Pad T 1 7.0 N36,000 – N38,000

Huawei Media Pad T1 7.0 HD N39,000 – N41,000

Huawei Ascend P7 N66,000 – N67,000

Huawei G-Power Huawei N46,000 – N48,000

Huawei Honor 3C N36,800 – N39,000

Huawei Mate S N170,000 – N175,000

Huawei GR3 N59,500 – N61,000

Huawei GR5 N79,000 – N81,000

Huawei Y330 N14,800 – N16,000

lenovo tab p10

3C Hub Lenovo Phones Prices

Lenovo P70-A N50,000 – N52,000

Lenovo S536 N21,500 – N23,000

Lenovo S60 N22,000 – N23,000

Lenovo A606 Single SIM N25,000 – N27,000

Lenovo A5000 N22,500 – N24,000

Lenovo A6000 N29,500 – N32,000

Lenovo A7000

Lenovo S850 N36,500 – N38,000

Lenovo A1000 N15,500 – N17,000

Lenovo A319 N12,300 – N15,000

Lenovo TAB 2 A7 – 30HC N31,000 – N35,000

Lenovo A 2020 N27,000 – N30,000

Lenovo A 6020 N49,000 – N52,000

Lenovo A 2010 N19,500 – N21,000

Lenovo S90 N36,000 – N39,000

Lenovo A 7 600 H N62,000 – N65,000

Lenovo Vibe PIM N33,000 – N35,000

Lenovo Vibe S1 N80,000 – N85,000

Lenovo Yogo Tablet N74,000 – N77,000

Lenovo A7600h N62,000 – N65,000

Lenovo Tablet 2 N73,500 – N76,000

Lenovo Mega1 N32,500 – N35,000

Lenovo Mega2 N40,500 – N30,000

huawei honor 7s
huawei honor 7s

3C Hub LG Phones

LG Leon N25,500 – N30,000

LG L60 Idual X135 N17,000 – N20,000

LG Bello D335 N32,500 – N35,000

LG L80 Dual-D380 N38,000 – N40,000

LG Magna N60,000 – N64,000

LG L90 Dual-D410 N35,000 – N39,000

LG H502F N36,000 – N40,000

LG H324T N25,000 – N29,000

LG G3 N95,000 – N98,000

LG B220 N3,800 – N5,000

microsoft lumia 950 off on hand

3C Hub Nokia Phones Price

Nokia Lumia 1020 N80,500 – N84,000

Nokia Lumia 1320 N40,000 – N45,000

Nokia Lumia 830 N57,500 – N64,000

Nokia Lumia 620 N35,000 – N38,000

Nokia Lumia 520 N21,000 – N24,000

Nokia 550 N32,000 – N35,000

Nokia 650 N54,500 – N60,000

Nokia XL Dual SIM N25,000 – N30,000

Lumia 540 N36,000 – N39,000

Lumia 625 N24,000 – N27,000

Lumia 630 N25,500 – N30,000

Lumia 435 N19,000 – N23,000

Nokia X Dual SIM N15,500 – N19,000

Lumia 730 Dual SIM N44,500 – N47,000

Lumia 950 XL

Lumia 920 N68,000 – N70,000

Lumia 930 N88,000 – N90,000

Lumia 430 N16,500 – N18,000

Lumia 640 XL N49,500 – N51,000

Lumia 535 N27,000 – N30,000

Asha 220 DS N80,500 – N84,000

Nokia 130 N7,500 – N9,000

Nokia 215 DS N17,000 – N19,000

Nokia 215 N10,000 – N13,000

Nokia 108 N11,000 – N13,000

Nokia 225 N15,500 – N17,000

Nokia 105 SS N5,800 – N7,000

Nokia 105 DS N6,000 – N9,000

Nokia 222 N13,000 – N15,000

Nokia 220 N12,500 – N14,000

Nokia 230 N21,500 – N24,000

3C Hub BlackBerry Phones Prices

Blackberry Q10 N46,000 – N50,000

Blackberry Q20 N100,000

BB Passport N105,000 – N115,000

Blackberry Z3 N31,000 – N35,000

Blackberry Z30 N64,000 – N67,000

Blackberry Q5 N40,000 – N45,000

Blackberry Leap

Blackberry Z10 N41,500 – N45,000

erratic screen while charging

3C Hub iPhones Prices

iPhone 6 (64GB) N180,000 – N185,000

iPhone 6 (16GB) N165,000 – N167,000

iPhone 6S (16GB) N185,000 – N190,000

iPhone 6S (128GB) N240,000 – N245,000

iPhone 6S (64GB) N220,000 – N227,000

iPhone 6S Plus (16GB) N200,000 – N210,000

iPhone 6S Plus (64GB) N235,000 – N240,000

iPhone 6S Plus (128GB) N260,000 – N265,000

gionee s11s

3C Hub Gionee Phones Prices

Gionee M5 Mini N37,500 – N40,000

Gionee M5 N60,000 – N64,000

Gionee S Plus N47,000 – N52,000

Gionee P5 Mini N22,500 – N27,000

Gionee M5 Plus N75,000 – N82,000

Gionee P5W N28,000 – N32,000

No doubt, you can get the best from 3C Hub if you decide to check into any of their outlets across the country. The prices here may be adjusted from time to time by the 3C Hub team. We’ll let you know.

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