3 Brand Strategies That Can Position Your eCommerce Business Above Your Competitors

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With studies showing that brand loyalty is declining, particularly with the younger generation, building a brand strategy for your online store can not only differentiate your brand and products from your competitors, but it is also a powerful marketing, customer retention, and loyalty technique.

Whether you’ve been in the eCommerce industry for years or are a newbie to the industry, here are three actionable ideas you can implement immediately to build an effective brand strategy for your online store, written in collaboration with PayU, a leading online payment solutions provider.

1. Personalize the customer experience

Conducting research on what buyers expect from your products is an effective way to build a strong relationship with your customers. If they are happy with what you have to offer, they are more likely to keep returning to your store. Today consumers want to be marketed to on a personal level, so your online store should leverage this trend to increase sales.

Everything from the quality of your product, to your shopping cart and checkout process – including easy payment solutions – matter to the customer. Personalization is about creating a compelling experience that motivates the customer to take action and come back again.

2. Set your brand apart with product quality

Designing, stocking, products with quality in mind is the first step towards building a brand. Highlighting the quality of your product is a very effective way to build brand loyalty. This is one of the best ways to build a trusted brand. Whether it be a mobile device or a household item, a product that is not designed with quality will not be well received by consumers.

3. Optimize your marketing strategy for mobile devices

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With more than 50 percent of all online searches now made on mobile devices, it’s projected that mobile users will dominate the majority of website visits soon, according to a recent report from Hitwise. This makes it absolutely crucial for eCommerce businesses to accommodate the needs of mobile users to give them a good user experience, and this includes design, UX and checkout

Mobile marketing techniques have now made it possible to target mobile users specifically. One of the top marketing trends is geo-targeting, which targets mobile users with adverts based on their exact location. By implementing these 3 strategies, your eCommerce brand will be able to set itself apart from the competition.

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