Storage is already a serious problem in the current generation of consoles, especially in versions with HDD discs below 1TB, as are many versions of PS4 and PS4 Slim.

That said, as you may know, the new Xbox Series X is expected to hit the market with at least 1TB of storage, while the PS5 will arrive with a strange 825GB due to the design of Sony’s custom SSD.

That is, if we already have storage problems on PS4 and Xbox One … It is obvious that things will get even worse in the new generation, in which all games will bet on even more detailed textures and 4K resolution (or 8K!).

In fact, the CEO of Moon Studios (creator of Ori) has already made it public that 1TB is too little for modern games. After all, according to him, it will be very difficult to have 10 games installed on the new Xbox Series X.

1TB will be very little for the new generation of consoles!

Therefore, while part of a discussion on the ResetEra forums, Thomas Mahler said that although the Xbox Series X offers more storage capacity than the PS5, 1TB is notoriously little for the latest games. In short, it will be necessary to ‘clean the house’ many more times … That is, to erase and install games on the console disk.

A few months ago, some experts said that developers would have to be careful with file sizes. All thanks to the introduction of super-fast, but much more expensive NVMe SSDs, which of course, have a much more limited storage. However, in the hunt for the much-desired 4K, the studios ended up forgetting that idea of ​​the ‘smaller’ files, making a complete all-in in their projects.

So, looking at the famous Call of Duty: Warzone, in which any update makes the discs of the current consoles cry… I even get the feeling that 10 games on a 1TB disc is too optimistic.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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