12X Optical Zoom Telescope for smartphone. Have you seen this?


Mobile phones are getting better and better, it’s very practical to shoot with a phone because it’s always with us, it’s just taking out of the pocket to aim and capture, but one of the problems of shooting with smartphones is the lack of optical zoom. It is not always possible to approach the object that we want to capture.

12x Lens for smartphones

Behold, I went behind a magnifying glass for a smartphone. That’s it. Bought in a Chinese shop just to test it, and the result was incredible. It works on just about every smartphone, just fit the lens with the accompanying grip in the kit, and there you have a 12x zoom.

Is it difficult to adjust the lens?

Yes. I’ve had work the first few times to adjust focus and understand how it works. I thought the adjustment was to modify the amount of zoom it had, but in fact, that adjustment is the focus. Any and every image made with the lens will be 12x the original size, what changes with the adjustment is knowing how close the object is.

12x smartphone lens – docked on the phone

Another problem is to fit the right lens on the phone’s camera so that it does not overlap the field of view.

And finally, it is complicated to shoot without shaking using a 12x lens, I advise and much to have an image stabilizer or a tripod.

Works well?

There are many problems, but the result of learning to cope is incredible. Below you will see a gallery of images made with the original camera using the 12x lens.

As we can see, the images look good, there is no loss of quality, but it needs to be well adjusted. The phone used to take pictures was the Zenfone 4.

The clip that holds the lens attached to the smartphone works well; it is strong, it has rubber on the surfaces so as not to damage the phone and keep it fixed.

I’ll take her on a smartphone trip in hand, will it work?

Well, as I already mentioned it is difficult to photograph with it in hand. If your smartphone has image stabilization, it will help a bit, but ideally, you can prop your smartphone to a surface before clicking.

Does it work on the iPhone?


Can I take macro photos with her?

Well, the focal length of the lens is at least 3m, so macro photos did not work out for me.

How much?

The price is approximately $12.05 with free shipping when you by from Gearbest, Chinese shop where I bought it. As the product is of affordable price, it is likely that it has no import fee, allied to free shipping, will be these $12.05 that you will spend to have the lens. And with the current speed of the post office, you should receive the product in time.

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