12 Chromecast applications that you should have installed in 2021

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These are the applications for Chromecast that you must try to get the most out of the Google device. For many people around the world, consuming content on the mobile is usual. That’s why having a Chromecast at home makes things much easier, and if you want you can directly send the signal to your TV.

Not all mobile apps for iOS and Android allow you to connect to this device or all work equally well. That is why it is necessary to group the best applications for Chromecast that you can try right now. They are compatible apps that work perfectly and with which you can get the most out of the investment. One of the advantages of the Chromecast is that it allows remote control from the mobile, without the need for external controls. In addition, it is a standard with which many other companies work. Are you ready to squeeze your Chromecast with these apps? There they go.

Netflix and HBO


These two services, the main ones when it comes to watching series and movies online, have applications compatible with Chromecast. Amazon Prime Video does not, and this company sells its Fire Stick as a Google device competition. With Netflix and HBO, yes, you can have more than enough. You can use them without problems, without cuts and practically instantaneously. In addition, you can also go back or advance in a chapter without having to get up off the couch. Of course, this service is free for subscribers of both video platforms.


How could it be otherwise, the top application of Google right now is also in Chromecast. In fact, it is one of the best works, something totally logical. If you have a TV with HDMI but without an Internet connection, you can completely transform it with this Google device. You can watch videos of your favorite and even direct youtubers without necessarily having to invest in more modern television. The same happens in monitors.


There is no doubt that in terms of streaming video games, especially live, Twitch is the platform queen. Amazon property has been making a gap little by little between gamers, who directly consider it the best option to watch live games.
It’s on virtually every platform, and also on Chromecast. If you have it on your mobile, you can send the signal directly to your television.

Google Home

This app is the control center of all Google smart devices for the home, as its name suggests. That also includes the Chromecast, which you must configure from Home yes or yes. But, beyond the initial configuration, Home allows you to do more with the Chromecast. The main one is the option to send the screen of your mobile to the TV, as is. You can see any application or menu on the big screen, although to play video other options are more recommended.


VLC Media Player has made its mark as the main media player on PC and mobile. Its fluidity and good functioning deserve it, in addition to the constant updates with new features and improvements. One of the latest is the compatibility with the Chromecast, which is coming little by little to more devices. Not all users can send video from VLC to the TV, although some users of the beta version of this app for Android have done so. It’s a matter of downloading it from Google Play and trying.



If you do not have a speaker but your TV is listening well, you can hear your music directly on it from Spotify. As you read- you can send the sound thanks to the Chromecast. Actually, the sound and more, since it creates a Spotify interface on your TV, although the controls from the mobile. It is a good option if you want to save and not buy a good speaker since the sound system of many televisions is already quite competitive.

TuneIn Radio

And if you want to listen to the radio on your TV, the Chromecast allows you to do it easily thanks to the TuneIn Radio app. In addition to the national broadcasters that you can tune into the DTT or a conventional FM/AM radio, TuneIn Radio offers you an infinitely broader catalog, made up of more than 100,000 stations around the world. Fire TV Stick, Amazon’s alternative to Google Chromecast now for less than 40 euros Thanks to this, you can listen to news, sports, music, and programs from around the globe in many languages.

Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts

If you like listening to podcasts, with Pocket Casts you can play them through your Chromecast on your TV or your compatible speaker.

Although it is a paid app (it costs 3.99 euros in the Google Play Store), Pocket Casts features well worth what they cost if you listen to these programs often. It has a clean and easy to use interface thanks to Material Design and allows you to broadcast the episodes directly to your TV with a single touch. Its features include intelligent tools for synchronization in the cloud, the automatic download of episodes, custom filters to organize the chapters, options to eliminate silences and omit the introduction, or automatic saving of the point where you have stopped the playback to resume at the same time on any device.



Do you have a video on your mobile and want to watch it on the TV? You no longer have to pass it to the PC, connect via HDMI and play. You can send the video directly to your TV thanks to the Chromecast. Localcast allows streaming of locally stored content, something perfect for any user who wants to watch their videos at a higher resolution. It has some ads, although they are not displayed during playback.

Google Photos

Photos can be considered as one of the best applications for Android phones. With it, you will never lose your photos if you make a backup in the cloud, but it allows you to do many more things. By being compatible with Chromecast, you can send your photos and videos from it to the TV, a perfect option to review your albums on a larger screen.


This application will allow you to convert the Chromecast into a whole karaoke. You just have to install it and send the song and lyrics you want to hear and play to your TV.
It works without Chromecast as well and is that it is a reference in terms of lyrics, one of the most downloaded in Android. MusiXMatch is one of those essential apps for music lovers.